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DSCN0563, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Well it was an abbreviated week due to the long weekend so here’s your winner from Matt G:

“And by ’special’, we don’t mean the “Gee, that child sure is bright and talented”-type special, we mean the “Gee, that child likes to eat its own dandruff”-type special.”

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  • I’ve been living in the area for 5 months now, and walking past that sign daily. I can tell you right now that the Cadillacs are never not “special.”

  • Not funny. Making fun of kids with disabilities is pathetic.

  • oh herb of d.c. where have you and your halarious commentary been hiding?

  • Oh good grief – Eating your own dandruff is not a disability…unless your disability is that you were born with your tongue in your scalp.

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