Pete’s Apizza to Start Delivery July 7th!

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Back in mid June I mentioned Pete’s Apizza was going to start delivery soon. Well, soon is July 7th. Very good news!

From an email:

“Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza will start delivering on Tuesday, July 7, at 5PM. Delivery hours will be from 5 to close (10PM Sunday through Thursday, 11PM Friday and Saturday).

Delivery area will be limited for an initial period while the store gets acclimated to the pace and scope of deliveries. We plan to start off with the following boundaries:

16th Street to the west
Upshur Street to the north
Georgia Avenue to New Hampshire Avenue to Sherman Avenue to the east
U Street to the south.

Depending on the situation, we are reserving the right to limit delivery area further, if we find during our initial break-in period that we are having difficulty maintaining delivery times and customer satisfaction. This is the first time we have offered the service, so we are not sure how long it will take to get acclimated to a whole new system. Every driver on day one will be on their first day on the job, week one, first week on the job, etc. Hopefully, it will launch smoothly, but it is a new venture.

After the initial period, it is our hope to extend the delivery area further into Petworth, since we get a lot of in-store customers from Petworth, and Joel and Alicia, two of the co-owners, live in the neighborhood.

Because we are a restaurant first and foremost, and not primarily a delivery place, we will be charging $3 per address for delivery.

Anyone up there have a really nice little crap car they want to sell for $400 or so? I’ve been looking at older Saturns, Corollas, Sentras and Civics. I delivered pizza all through high school and a couple summers in college. I might be doing it again! But I won’t kill my trusty old Volvo wagon doing it.”

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  • I talked with one of the owners tonight (probably the one who sent you the email). He seemed excited about expanding the delivery radius, so I encourage everyone to be patient as they break in to this. It’s good pizza – better by the pie than the slice – and I’ll be more inclined to order once they get over to my neck of the woods in Mt P.

  • I can’t believe they won’t go one more block east to Georgia Avenue to include my block. That’s the last time I eat Pete’s.

  • @Anon 7:45 how about asking, rather than declaring you’re never coming back? To anyone wondering, just tell us where you live, and we’ll consider adding it to the delivery area. One extra block is not a big deal, unless it involves an extra 5 minutes each way in bumper to bumper red light traffic.

    We will expand the delivery area as soon as we are comfortable with the system. You will be much more angry if you’re in the delivery area and it takes 2 hours than if you’re outside the zone for the first month or so while we get our bearings.

    Also, if you call at a slow time, we’ll send a driver outside the initial area on a case-by-case basis. Just can’t do it during dinner rush.

    Come on, give us a chance. We haven’t even started yet!

  • Oops. Mike W. = Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza. Forgot to change my name to Pete’s there in that last post.

  • Fair enough. I retract.

  • Great they deliver. Sucks that their pies cost so much you’d think they use gold instead of cheese.

  • Although I live in Logan Circle which is not in the delivery area yet, that is great news! Hopefully they will expand soon.

  • Just a tip Mike, but given how jacked-up traffic usually is in your delivery area you would be WAY better off using bicycle delivery like all the major chains do downtown. Quicker service + more environmentally sound = win.

  • @ ontarioroader Bikes are a great idea, and we’ve got them in the mix (somehow). Not sure how that impacts our insurance. Will look into it. Mopeds also under consideration.

  • Great news! I hope you can handle the probably higher level of business. Even now, without the added delivery orders, getting a full pie at the restaurant sometimes does take a while…

  • For anyone who doesn’t already know, Pete’s has wheat-free pizza and it REALLY tasty! Much better than any other wheat-free pizza I’ve had!! But, the Grist Mill wheat-free beer is not tasty at all–I couldn’t even finish it. I recommend switching to Anheuser Busch’s Red Bridge beer, which is also wheat-free, especially for the summer.

  • I will second the comments that I’m puzzled about extending the delivery so far south to U St but not west to MtP. U St has much competition but west to the Zoo does not. I love Radius and want them to succeed too and Angelicos is also an acceptable alternative, but when Pete’s opened Radius reduced prices to be more in-line with reality. Competition amongst pizza places improves customer service.

    In looking at the map, I’m sure a driver could continue north on 14th st to Newton, cross Newton into MtP and have a competitive drive time into MtP. Yes, Park Rd would be a disaster at 6pm, but there are alternatives.

  • Mount Pleasant is going to be one of the first areas we expand into. You have the exact route I was thinking, dart across Newton. Remember, though: For the customer, getting the pie is the whole story. But for us it’s half getting there, half getting back. Monroe = headache! Return trip suggestions? Meridian?

    You think going to U Street is too far? I was thinking Florida Ave too, because it does get really botched up on U Street.

  • Pete’s has developed into the best restaurant in Columbia Heights. I went there on Sunday and they were slammed. The oven was backed up and the cash register line went around almost to the door. Even under these conditions, they kept things together and the all food was excellent.

  • Have to agree with 2b3s. I think Pete’s food is great, but the prices keep me away. $25 for what I consider not that big of a pizza is way too much, even if it is delicious. And their paninis, while tasty, are barely bigger than finger food. I live 4 blocks away and eat at other restaurants around CH all the time, but I’ve only eaten at Pete’s maybe twice in the past year. I’d go a lot more if their prices came down though, because the food is good.

  • I love Pete’s, but i agree that the prices are really high. $25 for a pie plus tax and delivery is almost 30 bucks which is about $13 too much. Even radius is less expensive and their prices are too high.

    I guess I’m just used to the Philly area, where you can get great large pizza at almost any corner italian place for about $15.

  • Mike W – dropping down into the park off of Newton and taking Taylor over to 13th, allows you to avoid the 14th St clusterF*ck, or I would think using Irving and having someone walk a delivery out to the driver would work, not sure about Health department rules of transport, but it seems having a food runner to the drivers would keep things moving… any delivery at 6:00 is going to be pretty difficult.

  • I’m in the zone, I’m in the zone!!!!!! Wheeee!!!!!!! (oh boy, I’m gonna get fat from too much pizza…)

  • I wasn’t trying to suggest that U St is too far, more or less that it’s more blocks away than 20th St and there’s more competition for food on U.

    I don’t have an answer for how to get back to CH from MtP other than Oak St.

  • At first I was going to cry/whine because I live a half block west of 16th street, but I see that’s not a problem. Now I’ll cry/whine because I want my delivery pizza tonight, not next week!

  • Oak, right. That’s not bad. Oy, better than fu**ing Monroe Street. Our delivery area is definitely more north-south oriented (as is Columbia Heights itself) than east-west oriented. Petworth and Mount Pleasant are going to be added first, perhaps within a couple weeks. Adams Morgan is a little trickier – very high density, high-traffic. Thinking about it. Currently giving me a migraine. Probably going to work out just fine once we get the hang of things. But it makes everyone nervous the week before we launch. Who knows!!!???

  • When you expand to Petworth, please consider adding Park View as well! I live on Warder and would totally order from you guys.

  • Thanks Warderite. Your neighborhood is great. We’ll probably include it in the Petworth expansion. Petworth is tricky because it stretches pretttttttty far north, and arguably could include stuff all the way to North Cap. Like Rock Creek Church Road up to the National Cemetery. Still Petworth, but oh so much further than, say around the Metro. All good neighborhoods, though.

  • Hey Mike, while you’re around, have you considered occasionally mixing up what you have for sale by the slice? I’ve noticed that the “Chef’s Choice” is always the same thing when I go; it would be nice if occasionally one of the delicious sounding specialty pies were available by the slice, even at a premium.

    Good luck with the deliveries!

  • Please include us Adams Morganites, Mike! As I’m sure you know, we’ve got a terrible shortage of decent food options around here, and we’re hungry! You might be able to avoid 18th Street altogether if you just shot over on Columbia (back on Harvard) and got all of us in Lanier Heights and around the zoo on the east side. This is a topic near and dear to my heart since I just had knee surgery and can’t make myself dinner! I would pay any premium you wanted to get some New Haven pizza around here.

  • I’m really excited to see that the delivery area extends as far north as it does. Since moving here I’ve only been able to get Pizza Hut to go to Spring Rd.

  • saf

    Anon 1:50 – Moroni ought to come to you. Taqueria should too.

  • Another vote for expanding a little more into Petworth if things work out! I am one block east of Georgia north of the Metro and thus one block outside the delivery area. Good luck!

  • So…you’ll go 15 blocks north but not 4 blocks west? I’m on Irving just past Sherman. C’mon!

  • When I looked at the map at first I was disappointed that they don’t delivering to all of PW and hence not to my street. But I really do like Moroni Brothers Pizza, not that Pete’s NH isn’t good, its a good food option when I am in CHs. I had no idea Taqueria DF existed here in PW and that it delivers! I wish I knew that last night.

  • Wondering why the street where I live would be a headache for the pizza man…..??

  • Who are you, Living on Monroe? I’m Mike W., and I lived at 1407 Monroe from 1999 to 2001. Holy smokes, what a great block (1400-1500). Do I know you?

    Headache: trying to figure out which streets are clogged and when. Park is a mess, Columbia Rd. is taking a bunch of spillover westbound so it gets bogged down. Eastbound, Monroe gets really bogged down heading to 14th, especially when you have a line of cars trying to turn right onto 14th, but there’s traffic on 14th so no one moves much.

    Still love the block, and miss my old friends (Chris & Ken, LeeAnne, Maureen, Ms. Elizabeth and Joe and Freeman and the boys, Jerome with his belly-laugh, Lynn and Mary Ann.

  • Naomi,
    If you are able to get the Kennedy branch of Taqueria DF to deliver to you, please let me know how. Not once in many, many tries have they had delivery service available when I’ve called to order. I suspect that it (delivery) does not exist. Their tostadas are delicious.

  • Their pizza is so much better quality than the cheaper guys. Pair a slice or two with some homemade salad and a beer from your fridge if you’re worried about cost. Better tasting and better for you than scarfing down a whole pie from wherever else it is you go.

  • @MikeW, I live on the 1600 block of Monroe – also a very fine block!

  • Pete’s has the best pizza in DC. We eat there regularly and consider it an affordable alternative and a treat simultaneously. Great salads as well. Hope you continue your foray into Petworth further north once things get underway. We would order all the time and still come in to CH when we are in the neighborhood, which is a lot.

  • I’m a big fan of Pete’s and would be happy to order from them – Moroni’s does deliver to me, but a large Apizza feeds a lot more people. I think they’re both great – just depends what I’m in the mood for, and how many people are over. I’ll eagerly await the expansion to Petworth…sort of tend to wait out brand new restaurant stuff for a few weeks anyway.

  • We’ve moved the boundary on the east side of the initial delivery area to Georgia Avenue, not Sherman.

    Also, there’s a $20 minimum on delivery orders.

    We’re going to be taking the first week very much day by day. Co-owner and Petworth resident Joel Mehr will be taking all the calls, and using his judgment hour-by-hour as to whether the delivery staff can effectively deliver within the initial delivery area or not. If it’s slow, deliveries outside the area may be accepted; if it’s slammed, the area may need to be limited temporarily to ease the rush and ensure good service.

    We’ll keep you posted.

    Mike W.

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