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Thanks to all the readers who wrote that Nori’s on 14th and Park has been closed for a while. Indeed it was closed when I stopped by this weekend. I haven’t been able to contact the owner yet but I’ll be sure to update with details if they arise. It’s a bit sad since they’ve only been open since October and before that were Mayorga Lounge. Well, I hope whoever moves in next is able to creatively use the odd configuration inside.

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  • Well, if this helps, all the items are up for auction on the Rasmus site. So I don’t think they will be restarting.

  • Not much is going to work there until they reconfigure the site.

  • oof. i liked that place. that’s what i get for not dropping by in a couple months

  • This is awful. We saw this situation walking up the street, you know? This was trouble back in October. How can you rescue someone from themselves?

  • I think the front portion on 14th street would make a nice cozy restaurant/sushi bar. but awkward space on Park, with the 2-levels is a nightmare.

    I frequented both Mayorga and Nori, and frankly, neither of them were good business people. You can’t just it “build it, and they will come”. You need to restaurant saavy and they had none. See Pete’s Apizza for a successful model.

  • sorry for my bad editing above…

  • A nightclub/lounge would work. But good luck trying to get that past the ANC. It has all the elements to be a successful nightclub. That block is desolate enough at night to avoid complaints from residents. No overhead residents to complain. Giant is closed after 10 providing parking access. Metro.

  • I am convinced this particular location is eternally doomed. Mayorga always felt “wrong” for reasons I could never quite put my finger on, and Nori seemed totally uninviting. They should’ve found a way to keep that theater lobby a theater lobby (an unsegregated one, unlike the original Tivoli).

  • I heard that mayorga and nori had similar ownership partners. none of them knew what they were doing.

  • Yeah, I know the Mayorga guys had absolutely no service industry knowledge whatsoever. It was painful to watch the whole thing unfold, even as an occasional customer.

  • My husband and I were excited about this place, but were pretty disappointed with the service and prices of the mediocre food. They had one really good roll, but at like $13, it was pricey. After being charged $14 for a weak rail vodka and cranberry, we decided to never return.

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