Oh Man, Does It Have to be This Explicit?

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I’m usually quite fond of dog signs. But I think this one goes over the line. I think we’d get the point if it was just squatting. The excrement is a bit much… Or I guess it’s saying it’s ok if the dog urinates, it just can’t defecate. Oh lord, I’m sorry, I think I’m thinking way too deeply on this one!

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  • Not up for the Coolest Pet Contest, I’m guessing?

  • I think it’s fantastic!

  • I’m in LOVE with Dr. No!, the Flat Poopin Dog! Can we use him to bludgeon people who STILL don’t get the idea?

  • Yes. It does have to be this explicit, because you have lazy, trifling idiots who give decent responsible pet owners a bad name.

  • what has that dog been eating?!?! charcoal?!?!

  • I get it in someone’s yard. But the other day some lady yelled at me for letting my dog poop in the (empty) treebox in front of her house that had one of these dumb signs. Sorry bitch, you dont own the treeboxes. (Yes, I bagged the poop). This *appears* to be on city property as well.

  • Clay, I don’t know if you’re a homeowner, but the city certainly behaves as if I own my treebox. If it’s not maintained (by the homeowner), they give warnings, and eventually citations. Plus, I try to park in front of my own house. I do NOT want to step in poo whilst getting my kid out of the carseat and juggling three bags and a sippy cup. Or any other time. There’s really no good time to step in poo.

    Hows about instead of calling your neighbors nasty names over something you clearly know nothing about, you grow the hell up and pay attention to city regs on the subject.

  • People Like Clay, are the reason more people are start hating these uppity dog owners. Yes, you can have a dog, but that doesn’t give you the right to let him take dump in front of my house or yard. Even picking up after the dog doesn’t get everything.

  • Some dog owners are the worst. They just don’t understand why people don’t like their dog’s poo. Clay – Those tree boxes get bombed probably 2 -3 dozen times a day. Picking up the poo doesn’t get rid of the smell left behind. Rats and and flys are attracted to it. Homeowner’s have a right to not have to smell dog crap all day. Dog owners should be considerate and take there dog far from people’s front doors and paths of travel.

  • i, too, am deeply offended by this sign. i don’t know if i can walk over there anymore without shielding my eyes from such blinding horror.

    this is a city. if things like this aren’t your cup of tea, move out to the burbs and drift slowly away into generic strip-mall comfort.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @jkc wow. This is a light hearted post. Take it easy man.

  • Regardless of whether the cits acts as though you own the property — YOU DONT. YOU DONT OWN IT. YOU DONT OWN IT, PERIOD. IT IS PUBLIC PROPERTY. And as I said, I scoop my poop, and contrary to anonymous (that doesn’t give you the right), dog owners DO have a RIGHT to let their dogs poop in “YOUR” treebox. Sorry you’re outraged. But youre outraged and wrong and there’s frankly nothing you can do to prevent people from leting their dogs go to the bathroom. As long as they scoop. Which I said I did.

  • Hi, Clay! Let us know where you live so we can all take a massive, steaming dump in YOUR treebox. Thanks!

  • WDC and anon 9:54 – post your address here so i know which houses to ahem…avoid on my next dog walk.

  • Hey Clay, take that attitude with your poop machine in front of my house and I. WILL. WHOOP. YOUR. ASS.

  • My STARS! This is truly an offense to the eyes and I DEMAND that PoP take it down before any of the CHILDREN see it.

    PoP, my only question is: Why do you hate CHILDREN? Will somebody please think of the CHILDREN!?

    (ahhhhh….now I feel good and self righteous, ready for another day of proselytizing and looking down my nose and those who live in, scoff, Virginia)

  • I love it when people talk tough on the internet. When they do it as Anonymous it just makes the laughter all the sweeter.

  • I like the sign. It would make me chuckle, even on a crappy day.

    I think people who expect dog owners to find an area not near anyone’s front yard, or any treebox for that matter, are out of bounds. If the owner picks up after the dog, you’re not going to smell it unless you go outside and stick your nose right there. You’re overreacting and silly.

    Dog owners who walk, let it poop, then don’t pick up and keep walking, are bad dog owners and bad neighbors.

  • Wow, a threatened ass-kicking over dog stuff before noon.

    God, I love this blog! (you people all suck)

  • Instead of scooping the poop and carrying it around in a plastic bag, why not just attach the plastic bag to the back end of your dog, with a rubber band or something?

  • Vonstallin

    I need one so my neighbor will stop letting her dog piss n shit on my grass… went outside the other day to a steaming pile in the late afternoon sun.

    I mean if you are not going to walk the dog why get them? opening the door to let him run n pee on my grass angers the piss out of me.

    i should walk over and drop my pants and take a massive shit on her front porch.

  • I don’t think this sign goes over the line at all. What would go over the line would be a sign that had a huge pile of poo of various sizes, colors, textures that also had pics of flys and rats swarming around it.

  • Seems like ‘walking the dog’ translates into ‘dog poop on someone else’s yard rather than on my own’

  • That made me laugh, Naomi. Hey kids, if you think anger level over dog poopin’ is a city thing, try Springfield and its groomed lawns – plenty of cranky neighbors who hate the poopin, and offenders who don’t pick up. The worst place is the SW waterfront where about 100 dogs live on boats and rush up to the few tree boxes located on the water’s edge – whew!

  • You all are welcome to walk the streets in Shaw. After giving dirty looks to some dog owners, the situation has improved a little, but then there are still some arrogant dog owners. A citizen allowed his dog to drop it’s guts in my yard a couple of times, I asked him about it, he gave a snob answer. So I made it known that if I catch the dog in the process, I was going to bash it’s head in and then bash the owner’s head next. I may add that I have not had that problem since.

  • In the case of PoP homeowners vs. Clay, both sides are wrong.

    Title 24, Chapter 1 of DC Municipal Regulations (under Section 3 of the Tree Space Beautification Act of 1989) states:

    109.1 The regulations contained in this section shall apply to the unpaved area ofpublic
    space that lies between the street curb and the sidewalk, which is commonly
    reserved by the District government for planting trees.

    109.2 The beautification of tree spaces shall be governed by the provisions of this

    109.3 The beautification of tree spaces shall not require a permit.

    109.4 The owner or occupant of property that abuts tree space shall not be liable for
    . injuries to ‘others as a result of a tree space. beautification activity that complies
    with this section. Tree space beautification shall··be ‘undertaken solely at the
    personal risk and expense of the owner or occupant.

    109.5 The District government reserves the right to enter tree space without the
    permission of the owner or occupant of the property that abuts the.tree space.

    109.6 The beautification of a tree space may.be undertaken at the discretion of the
    owner or occupant of the property that abuts the tree space, and shall be under
    the immediate care and keeping of the owner or occupant of the property that
    abuts the tree space.

    109.7 The beautification of a tree space shall not extend beyond the following
    (a) Extend over the curb or the sidewalk;
    (b) Extend within three feet (3 ft.) of a cr’osswalk or paved bus stop landing;
    (c) Extend within six feet (6 ft.) of an entrance to an alley; or
    (d) Extend within six feet (6 ft.) of a street corner.

    109.8 In a continuous treespace,.beautification :areas shallbe’uot-‘more than four feet
    (4 ft.) wide and nine feet (9 ft.) long. At least six feet (6 ft.) shall separate each
    .beautified area. A beautification area shall not be planted within four feet (4 ft.)
    of a parking meter or a fire hydrant.

    109.9 A tree space may be bordered by a continuous barrier on the three (3) sides that
    do not abut the curbline. The barrier may project not less than four inches (4, in.)
    and not more than twelve inches (12 in.) from the sidewalk or curb elevation. The
    use of wickets to edge or border a tree space shall be prohibited.

    109.10 The grade of the tree space shall not be altered in conjunction with a
    beautification effort, except with mulch. The use of gravel as ground cover shall
    be prohibited.

    109.11 Planting material used to beautify a tree space shall have a shallow root system
    and shall not be allowed to grow to a height in excess of eighteen inches (18 in.).
    The growing of vegetables in a tree space shall be prohibited.

    109.12 A tree space beautification effort may be removed or destroyed with sufficient
    notice by the District government or its agents, if removal or destruction is made
    necessary by construction, repair, or maintenance activities.

    109.13 A tree space beautification effort that is not in compliance with this section, or
    that is inadequately maintained or allowed to deteriorate may be removed with
    sufficient notice by the Department of Public Works.

    109.14 This section shall not be construed to supersede the provisions of chapter 11 of
    Title 24 ‘of the D. C. Municipal Regulations.

    As for Clay’s argument: The Municipal Regulations also state that the District government reserves the right to enter the tree space but it does not entitle private individuals other than the homeowner to use of this space. Just as the District can prevent pet owners from allowing their animals to relieve themselves in city parks or on school property, so too can they prevent such activities in the tree space. That something is public space does not mean it is available for a person to do whatever they want. The District, and any jurisdiction, is entitled to limit activities in the interest of public good.

    As for the homeowners’ position: As much as I’d like to say homeowners who invest in beautifying the tree space should be able to prevent destruction to them, the regulations just don’t support this. The regulations clearly state that the tree space remains under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works and that any improvements are at the owners discretion. Under these regulations, improvements to the tree space are no different than picking up litter in a city park or scattering seeds on a patch of dirt. This doesn’t constitute ownership.

    The regulations go out of their way to describe the type of improvements that are allowed. You can do just about anything other than fill it with gravel or other trees. There are many types of improvements that could be made that would naturally deter a dog from relieving themselves there (thorny rosebushes, for example, or cacti).

  • The sign is pretty gross. But DC dogowners who don’t scoop their poop are rampant. And if someone has gone to the trouble to put out a no dogs please sign, why not walk Fido down to the next box?

  • Tree boxes are part of the public right of way. These regs don’t do anything to limit the right of the public to enter the tree boxes or any other part of the right of way. That’s what rights of way are for. Obviously a dogowner can legally let a dog poop there. The fact that the law requires the dog owner to scoop the dog’s poop from the the right of way necessarily means the owner is allowed to let fido make the deposit there in the first place. That said, there are enough uncared-for tree boxes around that there’s no reason a dog owner should let fido target a nicely maintained one. Not as a legal matter, just as a matter of not being a jerk.

  • There is no such thing as the right for a dog to poop. Anywhere. Period. There is no code in the District or in the constitution that gives people an unalienable right to own pets or to allow their pets to defecate anywhere.

    I realize that loving your pet like one of your family can make a person a little blind to what is fair but I really don’t get how that extends to being so blind as to think there are “rights” when it comes to dog pooping.

  • Anon10:59….suppose you park your vehicle by a treebox and unload groceries, etc. and step acroos the treebox to the sidewalk to enter your residence. Once inside, you discover that you have stepped in a pile. Tell me that you would not be pissed, it is no such legal right to allow the animal to drop it there without the owner picking it up. It is called being responsible for your pet, if one can not do that, then that person is a jerk and should be dealt with.

  • There is no “inalienable” right to own or walk a dog or to let it poop in the right of way. But in DC none of these things is prohibited, so individuals do in fact have these rights. (i.e., these rights have not in fact been “alienated,” to use a fun buzz word that doesn’t really have modern applicability). In the Anglo-American system, unless a law prohibits an act, individuals have the right to do it, so you don’t need the DC code to “give” you a right for you to have it. (And of course the right belongs to the dog owner, not the dog, duh.) Failing to pick up poop is already prohibited, so if an owner fails to do that, they are not only a jerk, but law breaker. Who knew a dog poop sign could spark such high-minded debate?! Well played, PoP!

  • I am firmly on the side of letting your dog poop on public property wherever you want. So is the law. Argument over.

    If you’re worried about stepping in dog residue? Hey, genius: DON’T WALK IN THE TREE BOX! That’s what the sidewalks are for.

  • Jamie, if that is what you believe, you are not only a jerk but also a fithy nasty MF.

  • @JayAre

    WTF is fithy? No need for translation of MF, though I doubt you could spell that either, shithead. Oops, I just pulled a JayAre.


  • You know, this issue kind of defies any unemotional discussion.

    You have the pro-poop people, who think their animals are their adorable little members of the family; they just can’t understand why anyone would find their pet’s droppings (or smears thereof) the least bit offensive. I mean, pets poop. Get over it.

    Then you have the anti-poop people, who are experiencing cognitive dissonance as to why it’s illegal for humans to poop in the street, but it’s A-OK for people to have their domestic animals poop and pee there. To an anti-pooper, the answer is obvious: pet owners, get yourself an indoor litter box, or get some diapers. You live in a city, and in a city, residents can’t just drop piles of excrement in the common areas (even if they scrape most of it up afterwards).

    Not sure there’s any middle ground there. You’re either pro-poop or anti-poop. There are no poop moderates.

  • I think Buck just found the ideal slogan for the back of the next printing of PoP Tshirts:

    “You’re either pro-poop or anti-poop. There are no poop moderates.”

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • From District of Columbia Municipal Regulations

    900. Dogs

    900.1 No person shall own or keep a dog that, by barking or in any other manner, disturbs the quiet of any neighborhood or any person.

    900.2 No dog shall be allowed to go at large without a collar or tag, as prescribed by law.

    900.3 No person owning, keeping, or having custody of a dog in the District shall permit the dog to be on any public space in the District, other than a dog park established by section 9a of the Animal Control Act of 1979, passed on 2nd reading on September 20, 2005 (Enrolled version of Bill 16-28), unless the dog is firmly secured by a substantial leash. The leash shall be held by a person capable of managing the dog.

    900.4 The length of the leash required under § 900.3 shall not exceed four feet (4 ft.).

    900.5 No person owning, keeping, or having custody of a dog in the District shall permit the dog to go on private property without the consent of the owner or occupant of the property.

    900.6 No person owning, keeping, or having custody of a dog in the District shall permit the dog to be confined in any yard or other enclosure, or on any private property, or in any automobile or other vehicle, in a manner that allows the dog to bite or menace persons lawfully using any public street, highway, or public space.

    900.7 No person owning, keeping, or having custody of a dog, except a seeing eye dog, shall allow or permit the dog to defecate or urinate on public parking or any sidewalk or in any and each such person shall immediately remove dog excrement from any curb, gutter, alley or street.

    900.8 No person owning, keeping, or having custody of a dog, except a seeing eye dog, shall permit the dog’s excrement to remain on private property without the consent of the owner or occupant of the property.

    900.9 Any person violating any provision of §§ 900.1 through 900.6 shall be punished by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($ 300), or by imprisonment not exceeding ten (10) days.

    900.10 Any person violating §§ 900.7 or 900.8 shall be subject to civil sanctions
    Title 22 District of Columbia Municipal Regulations
    provided in the Litter Control Administration Act of 1985.

  • As I read this, you may not allow or permit your dog to “defecate or urinate” on public parking, sidewalk, curb, gutter, alley or street. Nor may you let your dog go on private property without the property owner’s consent. Should your dog defile public or private space despite your best efforts to the contrary, you are required to clean up after your dog to avoid facing civil sanctions.

  • I like that, in an effort to keep unsightly feces off of the lawn, they chose to display a cartoon dog with half a cartoon dump out at all times.

  • I work for a company that manufactures biodegradable bags for dog owners to pick up their poop. We encourage people to ALWAYS ALWAYS pick up, but despite this I recognize that some people just won’t do it. It is a shame because then people resort to measures like the use of this sign (which I wouldn’t say is offensive, just not the most eye-pleasing lawn adornment).

    What I don’t understand is when dog owners, like myself who pick up after their dog still get dirty looks just for letting our dogs go to the bathroom. Realistically, what other option do I have here?

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