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  • I saw this for the first time on my bus ride down 14th – I love it. It is new. Sometime in July, for sure.

  • This reminds me of the sculpture outside that art studio on R Street NW, near 11th… Same artist?

  • It looks like the same sculpture from R Street. Maybe artist was able to sell it? I’ll ride by R studio to see…

  • Yep, this is one of the two light sculptures that were in front of a converted firehouse on R Street near 9th. One of them has been gone for a while. They also took down the neon “Obama” sign.

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  • http://www.craigkraftstudio.com – He usually participates in the Mid-City Artists open studio tours twice a year. The studio is in a cool old firehouse.

  • It showed up sometime within the past three weeks…and I can see it from my office window.

  • living in mt.pleasant it is so nice to see a fun mod sculpture. despite all i here about how modern things would distract from our asspirations to be a “ye olde village” up here i believe the two things would complement each other beautifully. a kind of fun magnetic energy that could cause a little a crack in the stasis that continues to plague mt.pleasant. oh let me dream on…..and on… and on

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