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  • it’s not the same as the defunct place in adams morgan right? it became very dangerous and a lot of people were shot at there

  • saf

    I would love it if it were the same – I loved their food, years ago.

    “A lot of people were shot at there?” Really? When?

  • Abol simply changed its name – it’s under the same management and ownership. The owner, who also prepares all the food, explained to us that it was to avoid confusion with Abol in Silver Spring. She’s incredibly nice and hospitable, and the food remains the best Ethiopian we’ve ever had in this city. Good value-for-money as well.

  • Fasika’s in Adams Morgan was my favorite Ethiopian place – friends and I went there for years & since it closed we have yet to find one we really like. Too bad this new Fasika’s isn’t a reincarnation of the old one – that would have made us all very happy!

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