Mayor Fenty visits Tivoli North Business Association Tonight

From an email:

“Tivoli North Business Association is pleased to invite you to our fifth general meeting of 2009, Tuesday, July 28th at 6pm in La Cabaña Restaurant, 3614 14th Street, NW.

This meeting will address your business-related concerns to improve the corridor, such as:

· Public Safety: violent assaults, shootings, loitering, etc

· Cleanliness: empty trash bins, curb-side bulk trash disposal, trash pick-up scheduling, DPW Vacuum Mobiles, and other city services

· Licensing and Permits: unfriendly system for small businesses

· Developments: beautification, tree box installation, light post, sidewalk improvements along 14th Street from Shepherd to Monroe Streets, NW”

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  • Beatification?

    The Tivoli North Business Association is now in the business of canonizing saints?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Jimmy – Nice! I’ll fix that.

  • I’m going to be there, but can someone else echo my question, which is “when is DDOT going to fully mobilize smartbike and bring kiosks to Columbia Heights?”

  • jimmy, if you want to get technical, beatification and canonization are not the same

  • Why are these neighborhood meetings always at like 6pm? are they only for gov’t employees who get out at 5pm and live downtown?

  • As a govt employee, it’s too early even for us… I don’t get out until 7 usually.

  • +1 on the smartbike comment. +1 on it being too early (even for the govvies)

  • Any chance we can get someone to recap and provide some notes/comments from this meeting?

  • Mayor Fenty and the Tivoli North Business Association hosted a community outreach meeting this evening at La Cabaña Restaurant in Columbia Heights, Councilmember Jim Graham was also present. Prostitution, drugs, and public vagrancy were addressed by at length. Park Road façade improvements were also discussed by business members. The meeting was held in both English and Spanish.

    Mayor Fenty offered increased foot beats as a solution to prostitution in the Spring Road area.

    “We need a prostitution unit working in the alleys,” Fenty said.

    Also, a priority on the Mayor’s to-do list was the neighborhood’s concerns of alcohol single sales. Many in the neighborhood feel single sales directly contribute to the prostitution and other violent crime concerns that need to be solved in Columbia Heights.

    “I don’t know where the discussion of a single sales ban in Ward 1 is [but] we can do it by emergency legislation. It would improve quality life if we ban single sales,” Fenty responded to questions about the overwhelming vagrancy issues on 14th Street.

    The Tivoli North Business Association is working to unite business members along the 14th Street Corridor to fight crime and quality of issues that especially effect smaller businesses. The TNBA also introduced its joint website program, which is available to business owners who are active members of the association. The free program provides a webpage through the TNBA’s main site for each business, and highlights a different business each month with a documentary.

  • @IHeartShaw Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to attend and recap the meeting!

    On another note…
    Once again, it is clear that single sales is the root of all the problems in the City. I smell a tax on single sales to cut into the $660 million shortfall. Go ahead and drink one for the city!

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