June Home/Condo Sales


Thanks again to DC realtor Kevin Wood for compiling this list of home/condo sales for zip codes – 20011, 20010, 20009, 20002, and 20001. Click below on “June Sales” for the full list in pdf format. Please let me know if there are other zipcodes you’d like included in future home sales reports.

June Sales

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  • Wow, $140k seller subsidy on a $700k house? (2123 Ontario Rd) … that’s kinda insane.

  • Ouch. Looks like someone bought the bank-owned home at 501 Oglethorpe before a tree fell on it about a week ago.

  • Kevin – thanks so much for doing this. It’s always interesting and informative. Not to kick a gift horse in the mouth, but is there any way to denote the sales as “short” or “bank owned”?

  • looks like sales are picking up, just not in my zip (20011)

  • I’d love to see data for 20005, please. Thanks!

  • 20003 please

  • Always look forward to this post! Thanks Kevin and PoP!

  • Anonymous Says:
    July 8th, 2009 at 11:28 am

    Looks like a giant mistake or the fraud of the early 90s is starting to creep back into the market. Kevin thanks for the information.

  • For those of you asking for other zipcodes or the short sale and foreclosure info you can go to http://www.franklymls.com

    It has a really great search function and you can search solds in specific area codes. I like it because then you can look at pictures and the conditions of the sold houses. It already has solds for July listed on the site.

  • that house on 10th st was a GDON

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