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Zengo is located at 781 Seventh Street, NW. I think this is the first “Latin-Asian” restaurant I’ve seen. Sounds interesting. I’m also intrigued by the “Latin-Asian” cocktails for happy hour? How’s the atmosphere? Any particular dishes you recommend?

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  • Not bad, but a little pricey for what you get. I don’t remember much of my meal, but I remember having a great chipotle miso soup to start.

  • Went there once, for a special occasion. The food was good, and I remember the edamame was the best I ever had. Mmm, garlicky!

  • I went once a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a bit pricey though. Nice drink selection, from what I recall.

  • good food and drink, but like everybody else said pricey.

  • Definitely tasty and definitely slightly overpriced. Nice thing is, though, that the whole fusion thing seems to coming out of fad territory, so it’s becoming a lot less packed. The one dish I really remember is from a couple of years ago: a deliciously seared tuna fillet with cilantro-coconut milky sauce.

  • Definitely one of the better Lasian joints in town, but as others have said, it’s kind of pricey.

  • Attracts assholes.

  • They’re mojitos were solid. The small plates/apps are almost universally awesome and unique. The entrees I’ve had have all been disappointing. Desserts were somewhere in the middle.

  • A bit expensive, but they have a fabulous selection of mojitos (their mango mojito is my favorite).

  • Been three times (the last being over a year ago, so it’s been awhile), once was good, twice was not good at all, and in all cases too expensive. If I am going to hit one of those higher end Penn Quarter restaurants, I much prefer Oya and Rasika to this place, for around the same price point (even a bit cheaper in Rasika’s case).

  • I went during Restaurant Week once, which may not be the best occasion on which to judge. Service was spotty. And a glance at the prices on the rest of the menu convinced me there was no non-restaurant-week visit in my future. Still, it was tasty.

  • Used to be one of my favorite places, but I have since learned that it is, as you’ve read, expensive. I wouldn’t call it a “higher end” restaurant in PQ, but it’s certainly no Fudruckers. You absolutely must have their mojito with the cucumber in it and Edamame XO is LITERALLY to die for.

  • @rl – I totally agree. I stopped in just to check it out over a year ago. I wasn’t dressed in the mandatory skirt up my ass, three inch stillettos uniform, so I got a snotty once over look from the hostess. She told me the wait was an hour and a half, but the “women” behind me were seated rather quickly when they stepped up to the stand after us. I didn’t end up eating there, since it was obviously not my scene.

  • for some reason whenever I hear of “Latin-Asian” cuisine I think of a sushi burrito.

  • I’ve only gone once, during restaurant week, and my date and I thought the appetizers and entrees were exceptional, but the desserts were not worth ordering. Service was great, and staff very knowledgeable about wine. I absolutely hate that multi-colored tetris like sign though.

  • The mojito cuzco (cucumber mojito) was delish. Skip the kobe beef appetizer. They give you a few paper-thin pieces of raw beef and a hot rock, and you cook it yourself on the rock. Kind of a neat idea, but not worth the money. I don’t even remember what I got for an entree, so I guess it didn’t make much of an impact on me. Go for the drinks. I went for a work event, so I didn’t pay. I probably wouldn’t choose this place if I had to pay myself. I’d rather go to Rosa for their guacamole, which is totally almost worth the gouged price.

  • I like this place a lot. I’ve eaten there about 4 times. it’s always really yummy.

  • This is down the street from my office, but I’ve only been to “happy hour” there once. For me, happy hour=cheap drinks. At $6 a pop, this is hardly a HH, more like a regular drink after work.

  • Not worth it for the cost

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