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Mixtec is located at 1792 Columbia Rd, NW in Adams Morgan. I always thought folks went here only if the Italian place (pasta mia) next door was too crowded. Now I see they got pretty good reviews on Yelp. So what’s the word? Any fans here?

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  • Honestly, I’ve never understood the allure of this place. Mediocre at best. The Super Taco & Bakery down the street is a hundred times better if you want authentic Mexican, though it is not a full service, sit-down restaurant.

  • Pretty good, but I don’t find the food incredible. They do however have a salsa verde that is the single most incredible food item I have ever had in my life. At this point I’m kinda indifferent about what I get there – as long as I get a big container of the verde it’s all good.


  • this is not authentic mexican and the prices are a bit much.

  • I really find mixtec to be excellent. I recommend the Tres Leches.

  • I’ll echo most of the comments above… I went at the request of a friend who raved about this place and ended up shelling out more money than I was comfy with for weak margaritas and mediocre mexican food.

  • Never been there, mostly because all I can think of when I see that place is the local TV news exposé from a few years ago that showed rats scurrying around right in the window pictued above, in plain view.

  • as others have implied/stated: overrated like whoa.

  • I used to really like this place till they jacked up the prices about 2 years ago. Fresh mango margaritas and the salsa keep me coming back every once in awhile.

  • I love Don Juan’s.

  • It was the Taqueria Distrito Federal of its day, but it’s never been that good. Not that I’d been there in about a decade, but the rat business turned me off from ever considering giving it another chance. Makes you wonder about any number of other AM joints

  • Everywhere in Adams Morgan has rats – every structure and establishment. There’s just no way around that.

  • Mediocre at best.

    Yep, the only thing more puzzling was the long lines at Pasta Mia while you could walk down the street to San Marco and actually eat some *good* Italian food.

    The ways of the bridge-and-tunnel crowd are strange, indeed.

  • Mixtec is a blah relic.

    Agree that San Marco is much tastier than Pasta Mia, but also more expensive. You get what you pay for. Added bonus is that San Marco will make you a rattatouille without so much rat in it. Just three. Quite a lot, actually.

  • Terrible, and after a UMLG (unidentified mucus-like globule) in my burrito a couple of years back, on my permanent Do Not Go list.


  • the chicken soup is double plus good.

    can’t be too many rats in that you’d think. anyway, if the rats posed any real threat, the goverment would do something about it.

  • I believe San Marco closed. Will have to look elsewhere for good “rat”atouille.

  • Once I saw a brazen rat trot around in broad daylight before heading into that place next to chief ike’s. some others on the sidewalk pointed this out to what appeared to be managers or servers standing there, they just shrugged and said “the rats are everywhere!”

  • San Marco has been closed for a while, but the Himalayan place that took over is excellent. I used to love Mixtec on occasion b/c of the mole but I have fallen off my radar and sound like that might not be a bad thing.

  • saf

    San Marco did indeed close, quite a while back.

    I love Mixtec. I think its very California-Mex. I hate Tex-Mex.

  • The salsa verde here is sooo good! Aside from that, the food is okay and the menu seems to change frequently.

  • In the late 80’s it was THE place in DC for real Mexican food (tacos al carbon and tacos pastor, queso fundido, etc) and it was cheap. Haven’t been there in about a decade, but it sounds like it hasn’t fared well.

  • Only time i’ve ever gotten food poisoning… Mixtec takeout…

  • Doesn’t taste like actual Mexican food, like most establishments in DC. Except Taqueria Distrito Federal. The one exception I know of. Cheap & greasy, just like home.

  • You will not see any rats at this establishment, they have several cats in the alley behind the building.

  • RIP San Marco, Italian food hasn’t been the same

  • The only authentic Mexican food in the area is not in the city. You need to go to Hyattsville or Riverdale or pretty far southwest into Virginia to get authentic Mexican food. Otherwise, you’re getting tex mex imitations that are mediocre like Mixtec or Super, very close but not quite there places like D.F. Tacos or Casa Oaxaca or higher end places that also come close but don’t really get there like Oyamel.

    Seriously, you want a good burrito, go to Chipotle, you want real authentic Mexican food, go to Riverdale. Or Mexico.

  • The first time I ate at Mixtec I had a special and it was amazing (vegetarian sweet corn tamales)… but every subsequent time it has been a bit of a disappointment. Lunches are at least reasonably priced but dinner is too expensive. I do find the wait staff quite charming, though.

  • I don’t know about the rest of the menu, but the tacos are delicious.

  • I swear the people who comment on PoP should try some prozac. You People hate everything (unless of course, Obama is involved and then the fecal matter hath no odor).

    Every restaurant is overpriced and/or overrated. Every house is too expensive and/or in a “dangerous neighborhood” or my personal favorite on a “dangerous street”.

    You wimps should seriously move to or stay in the burbs.

    I happen to like Mix Tex, particularly the breakfast items. I have friends from New Mexico who insist on eating there whenever they visit and I’d wager that they know more than most of you knuckleheads about authentic tomotillo salsa…

    As for the price, if you can’t afford Mixtec, Lucky you! There’s a McDonalds right around the corner!

  • I know some people from New Mexico who think there’s no restaurant better than the Sizzler.

  • Since New Mexico is a desert they’re happy just to be eating.

    I revise my earlier comment “yucktec”, upon reflection, to the more accurate “barftec”.

  • I actually like this place a lot. Not “authentic” but not much in the city is. Everything I have had is at least decent and a few times I have had something really exceptional. Portions are huge; so I try to save this place for when I’m really hungry. And the staff is always super friendly, too.

    I actually haven’t noticed any particular dirtiness in there, though I could certainly believe it about the rats. It’s Adams Morgan, eh?

  • I’ve had really good tamales there.

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