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JOJO Restaurant and Bar is located at 1518 U Street, NW. Here’s another spot that I’ve walked by a million times but haven’t checked out yet. So in addition to the food, is this a good spot to listen to music? Would you consider it more of a bar than a restaurant or vice versa? Any fans out there?

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  • awesome lobster ravioli. good scene.

  • count me as a big fan. the music is usually great. I’ve never tried the food.

  • What kind of music do they have? I remember a housemate once mentioning she went dancing there and had a great time.

  • They have a fantastic happy hour. The staff is friendly and the vibe is chill.

    And it’s not overrun with interns or summer law firm associates.

  • I’ve lived at this corner for years and had never dropped by JoJos until a few months ago. I’m a total convert. The Just Us Band that plays on Friday nights is fantastic!

  • Huge fan! Great music and good food and drink specials (including the alternative Happy Hour from 10pm-1am!)

  • @Sammy

    every time I’ve been there it’s been an R&B band with a singer.

  • I went shortly after they opened, had a horrible experience and haven’t been back since. After reading these comments I’ll give it another shot.

  • Food – meh. But the band that plays Friday night – awesome!!!!! Soul and Motown classics done right, it’s the best activity for a Friday night in my opinion. Only thing is they seem to have the same routine every Friday so it gets a bit redundant. Good every few months though, I love it!

  • This is my FAVORITE place. We had our Wedding Shower there in May.
    I love the food, the music & the staff is great. It’s our second home since moving here
    to DC.

  • One Big Woo, an acid jazz/funk band, plays often on Saturday nights and they rock. JoJo’s is a great, intimate place for a drink and good music.

  • Though it’s still on my list to go, my former roommate declares this as his favorite spot in DC, especially the jazz group there on the weekends. Really cool place that works as a great date place for a really cool girl. Not just any girl will do.

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