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  • Apple finally decided to make a restaurant trendy enough for their customers to have a place where they can pretend to do work.

  • No better than a dyslexic House of Pancakes.

  • I actually really like this place and the biggest plus is they deliver to Columbia Heights – I love getting sushi delivered and have tried many places and found iPOH to be consistently good. But I’ve never been in the actual restaurant.

  • I’ve only tried their food once and it was decent. Their edamame was delish, though! I second the comment above- kudos for delivering to Columbia Heights.

  • They’re on SeamlessWeb too. I’ve ordered from them a number of times – delivery is spotty at best. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes, sometimes 90 minutes – and I generally order at the same time of the evening.

    Food quality is fine, nothing special. Service in house is pretty slow. That said, massive points for wide-ranging delivery service and decent-quality sushi for the price.

  • Has anyone tried their rainbow roll? From the website menu:

    Rainbow roll
    Crap and cucumber topped with salmon, tuna, white fish, eel and avocado.

  • I’ve eaten in the restaurant, and have gotten stuff delivered. I got the Sunshine roll and the California roll delivered last night, in fact. I think the food is pretty decent, but the commenter is right about the delivery–it’s a bit spotty and apologetic. Last night, my online order got overlooked and I waited around for an hour or so for my chow. My boyfriend is a sushi enthusiast and enjoyed the Rainbow roll. So, decent for the price, and it’s great to have another delivery option in CH.

    On another note, PoP, it looks like Nori finally bit the dust. Any word on what happened?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Rachel sadly the folks at Nori haven’t gotten back to me:


  • I’ve only had their delivery but it has always been excellent. Curries are very good and delivery to CH has been fast.

  • The ipoh beef is so absurdly delicious it makes me want to cry. Seriously.

  • This is a Malaysian restaurant so I wouldn’t judge it on their quality of their sushi. Their Malaysian dishes are pretty good. My friends and I think this is the best Asian delivery in the area. If you’re exploring, try the Roti Canai, which is terrific.

  • Have gotten sushi delivered from IPOH, the food seems of good quality and the delivery men are friendly. No complaints here.

  • I work in the area and just got some lunch their today.

    It’s a great deal, for $8.50 you get an entree, rice spring roll, soup & salad. Which for DC, is a value. Its enough food for two meals.

    I got the Chicken Asparagus which was solid. Not the best EVER, but pretty darn tasty. And Fresh.

  • They also deliver to Mount Pleasant – it can take an hour but I’ve liked everything I’ve tried – curries, veggie dishes, roti canai. Malaysian food is something of an Indian/Chinese/Thai combo and they do it well.

    So with a little planning ahead, for the same price as junky Chinese delivery I can get something tasty and more interesting.

  • Thanks, PoP, for directing me to the post about Nori. It’s not surprising that it finally shut its doors.

  • I’ve only had their delivery, but their Pad Thai is REALLY REALLY good. And they’ve delivered to me in my current address in Burlieth, as well as when I was living in north Columbia Heights (Webster st), so definite points for wide delivery range. I’ve also actually never had any problem with spotty delivery times, but I might just be lucky.

  • food is really good!!!i love this place!!worth a trip…

  • Ipoh was Bruce Lee for a long time. It had some great food items at very low prices. Maybe that’s why it’s not there anymore but they shoulda kept the name and the menu even if they raised the prices. Violet Garden which came next wasn’t very good and was short lived. I’ve never gone in since it became Ipoh, mainly because of its noticably more expensive menu than many other really great quality Asian restaurants in this part of DC, including some in Woodley like Jandara and in DuPont like Thai Chef, in Cleveland Park like House of Siam and in the Golden Triangle like Singapore Bistro and Malaysia Kopitiam. All have lower prices for very good food and generous portions.

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