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Ercilia’s is located at 3070 Mount Pleasant St, NW. Those on Yelp are big fans of the pupusas. What do you guys think – thumbs up or down? Is it better as a carry out or eat in? Any other notable dishes besides the pupusas?

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  • i love it. really tasty food, cheap, healthy. haven’t yet been adventurous enough to try the soups (i believe there’s a seafood one sometimes, and one with tripe and maybe hominy(?)) but they look great. only downside–and it’s a big one–is that they take FOREVER. at least the pupusas do.

  • I second that. Really decent food for a decent price, but they are soooo slooooow. Plan a half hour to get take-out.

  • do they have beer. I need beer with my food. I never see anyone with a beer in there.

  • The fish sandwich, is bar none, probably the best I’ve had in my life (and I come from coastal MA…so I’ve had a lot of seafood in my lifetime).

  • The vegetarian tacos will change your life. And of course, the pupusas are delicious. Can’t get a better deal for your money than Ercilia’s!

  • Add me to the list of those impressed with the food, but NOT impressed with the long, long waits. Fast food, this is definitely not!

  • no beer that i’ve ever seen, no.

    and i’ll definitely second (or third or fourth…) that it takes forever. the food is definitely good, but hardly worth the wait when there are a half dozen other joints to get pupusas within .5 miles and they are way faster. I only go to Ercilia’s with a book and time to kill.

  • if they had beer it would solve the wait problem for me. But those saying you can get your pupusas faster elsewhere should keep in mind thats because those places have a tin full of pupusas sitting under a heat lamp in the back. just sitting there waiting for you to order them. Good things come to those who wait. Now how can we lobby them to get a beer license and some outdoor seating along the side?

  • If they could get a liquor license, don’t you think they’d have one by now? They probably had one at one point but Jim Graham yanked it because someone stubbed their toe on a table or soemthing.

  • @ Anon “do they have beer. I need beer with my food. I never see anyone with a beer in there”.

    No, you have to drink on the corner out front. It seems its okay to piss it out on the back wall of Ercilla’s. It adds to the ‘culture’

  • Also tasty shrimp dishes and tacos. I’ve eaten in a few times – it’s a relatively quiet place; music and tv but not so loud you can’t have a conversation.
    Also, compared to other inexpensive places, Ericila’s is super, super clean.

  • stop whining about the slow service and use your brains. if you want take out, call in your order and go pick it up. it will be ready when you get there. if you want sit down service and don’t want to call it in, then have a conversation with your friends — the service for sit down is no slower than at any other restaurant. are all 20- and 30-somethings whiners????

  • a complaint is the same as a whine?
    typical dc lowered expectations, or just keeping it real?

    a good business welcomes criticism.

  • Delicious chile relleno – lightly fried poblaño pepper stuffed with meat. A+ (though, like most people say, ridiculously slow).

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