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When we judged Cafe Mozart I asked about the schnitzel and some folks mentioned Cafe Berlin located at 322 Massachusetts Avenue, NE. I know they have a great outdoor dining area. It’s a good place to stop when visiting friends on the hill. I’m wondering if you think it’s a destination spot though? Is it worth the travel for their schnitzel? Any other items of note?

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    Their food is okay; I actually like it a lot, but it’s regular German food, so over the top praise seems out of place.

    But, drinking a boot on the patio is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

  • There are no “destination” German restaurants in DC. I didn’t care for their wiener schnitzel, but the jagerschnitzel is pretty good. Don’t get anything exotic, stick with the basics like sauerbraten or the wurstplatter, and some beer, and you’ll be fine. If you want a salad or fish, go elsewhere.

  • Yeah! I love this place when you can sit outside only – easy trip down on metro to union station … great date spot. if she can drink a liter of beer she’s a keeper … go when they have their Octoberfest menu

  • This place is a sentimental favorite of mine. My now-fiance took me here on our second date, despite the fact I claimed not to like German food.

    Cafe Berlin makes tastes-like-homemade German food. I highly recommend the wiener schnitzel with extra lemon and raspberry jam (sounds terrible, but it’s amazing) and their kassler ripchen, which is more or less bacon in steak form. Their chef also makes a number of exceptionally tasty seasonal specials.

    Aside from all this, they have incredibly friendly staff and a great patio. I love this place.

  • I’m sad to say in 15 years of Hill living, I haven’t tried this spot. Putting it on the list. Thanks.

  • Very nice neighborhood restaurant. I recommend

  • Very decent. Really a neighborhood place, but on the fancy side for that. Good German beer, and the outdoor space is fantastic in the evening. They seem to have interesting specials, like wild boar, every time I go.

    Ah, memory: my wife and I went there when my visiting parents first persuaded us to leave our newborn (now in college) in their care for an evening.

  • Ooh, spätzle! I’ll have to try it – I’ve been looking for good German food around here.

  • The wiener schnitzel is as close to Vienna’s as I’ve had outside Austria. I’m a little sad to see it being promoted here because I like to think of it as a bit of a hidden spot. And that outdoor patio is wonderful for romantic dates.

  • Bacon in steak form??? Well, have no idea what that is, but it can’t be bad!

  • If you work on or near the Hill and you are sick of pushing fat tourists down the stairs (my bad) to get something to eat at Union Station this place isn’t a bad alternative – also White Tiger has an okay Indian buffet.

  • @Odentex you work on or near the Hill and you regularly eat lunch downstairs at Union Station? That’s just sad. There are so many more options, that’s like the worst of the worst. You need to branch out, my friend.

  • Very sad. But cheap and close.

  • This place is great and one of my favorites. We go there for anniversaries, special events, and when the menu changes seasonally. We have taken guests from out of town there and they always ask about returning when they come back to town. The wait staff is great as are the owners. The food is always on par and you MUST try the desserts!

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