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  • Pricey, so I don’t go often. But their guac and mojitos are the BEST.

  • their 14 course sunday latino dim sum brunch on sundays is unreal.

    also the langoustine! YUM!

    dinner, meh. zaytinya and oyamel are better IMO.

  • I agree with Eric. The latino dim sum will give you a food high for the rest of the day.

  • Agreed, the dim sum brunch is extremely expensive (think of it as a dinner, clearly the main meal of the day) but worth it — outstanding.

  • The brunch is one of the best, and most decadent, meals I have ever eaten.

  • So worth it! And if you ever have occasion to spend the big bucks and experience Mini Bar – do it. It is a food experience of a lifetime. Jose Andres is a genius. Oyamel, just down the street is a bit less pricey and fun – same guac and mojitos for the fan above. Oyamel does an amazing margarita – instead of a salted rim, it has a salt foam on top.

  • here’s the dim sum brunch menu – http://www.cafeatlantico.com/latinoDimSum.htm

    you want the chef’s tasting menu. my favorites are jicama avocado ravioli and pan dulce with syrup. looks like the langoustine’s gone – it is amazing, a small mediterranean lobster with unbelievably sweet and tender meat. i don’t eat much seafood (or any meat) but this is one i’ll make an exception for.

    also, the dominican lemonade. yum.

  • Yum its so good. Excellent guac. Definitely try Minibar if you have the $ and you really enjoy interesting culinary experiences – it is unforgettable.

  • I agree on the mini bar. Just went a few weeks ago. Mind-blowing. I ate things I swore I would never eat (particulary eel, clams, and oysters). Everything was spectacular. Unfortunately we were stuck with the world’s worst couple, (who wouldn’t shut the F up, already!), but it really was fantastico! And, here here on the mojitos. Yum in the tum!

  • I think this is one of the best restaurants in DC.

  • One of the city’s best upscale eateries. Great bartenders, great menu, great chefs, expensive dining though. Two thumbs up.

  • They used to have a passionfruit guacamole there that was the best I have ever had. The mojitos are good. One of my favorite places.

  • Try the cotton candy martini!

  • Add me to the list of people encouraging you to take that $ you’ve been saving for a rainy day and do the MiniBar experience. Unbelievable and totally memorable.

  • Dinner is very meh unless you eat at Minibar. Reservations for Minibar are extremely difficult to come by as there are only 6 seats and they only turn it over once a night. You must call a month in advance to get the a seating.

    Latino Dim Sum is an awesome experience. However, for dinner, you can do much better in that area. Rasika for Indian is great. And like other posters, I prefer the dinner options at Zaytinya and Oyamel (other Andres establishments) over Cafe Atlantico.

  • Oh, and Eric, the Dominican lemonade (if that is the super fruity citrusy beverage I am thinking of, there are two juice things no the menu and I always mix them up) is the best non-alcoholic drink I’ve ever had. I’d go for that alone ….

  • I disagree about the pricey-ness of the dim sum brunch. I think it’s a FANTASTIC deal considering you get 12-14 courses for $25 (vegetarian) or $35 (chef’s choice)…Where else do you get so much food for around $30 pp?

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