Judging Pop Ups


Whether or not you like formstone, I think this pop up looks great. Nice deck and recessed. If you’re gonna do one, I definitely think this is the way. It is located on V Street, NW between 10th and 11th.


And on a side note some folks were playing cornhole (the bean bag game) on a nearby roof. Summer livin’ at its finest.


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  • I do like the pop-up. There are a number of permits in the front window so maybe they are doing a more wholesale renovation that will include removal/replacement of the formstone?

    I loathe cornhole. Nothing like thwackthwackthwack reverberating for blocks to ruin a neighbor’s enjoyable afternoon and evening.

  • Yep. If you must pop up, this is an acceptable way to do it– recessed, and with at least some attention to the lines of the original structure.

  • I like it. But it doesn’t seem like it greatly increases the interior space of the house — kind of more a pop-up foyer for the new roof-deck. If anybody knows, is it much cheaper to do something like this than a full-blown additional floor? At some point, I’d think there’s got to be a monumental fixed charge just to cut a hole — of any size — in your roof, but is that incorrect?

    I am fascinated by the economics of pop-ups, by the way.

  • Love love love… (first thought until I read PoP’s note about the formstone was UGH that facade is U-G-L-Y!) I’ve been totally addicted to roof decks lately and although I live on the first floor of a 6 story condo building, I want to build one haha. Next apt/house, I suppose.

  • Yeah, that’s doing it right.

  • @Not Telling

    Corn hole is an amazing summer sport which all can partake in. The fact that you would be one of those ornery, soulless, fun-less people that would “loathe” something so pure, so american and so fun says a lot about you and your disposition. Grow up, be american or buy some ear plugs.


  • You said cornhole. Huhuhuh. Huhuh.

  • @Not Telling

    What is wrong with people playing cornhole during the day? It’s a recreational game just like any other. I hate when people complain about noise when they live in a city, just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Maybe you should go ask to join the game and have a little fun in the summer!

  • I like cornholing too.

  • Setting aside the ‘entitlement’ to make noise that exceeds that of general city noise, ‘cornhole’ is not a pure or american. It is a drinking game. And although there may be obscure references to bean-bag tossing going back to the 12th century, cornhole as we know it today is only a few years old. Hardly pure “American”. Only drunken 22 year olds whose grasp on the world is a few minutes old could think that cornhole represents America.

  • @anon 4:15, Cornhole is a game that many people play while drinking. It is not however a Drinking Game. There is an important distinction.

  • Is there anything more American than a sport of skill that jives well with booze? Anon 4:15 is a terrorist.

  • And Nichole makes a great point.

  • Cornhole is just a Horseshoes substitute for your roof deck. Bean bags make very little noise. I fail to understand this engenders animosity.

  • Given that I know better than to google “cornhole”, would someone please explain this game to me? I’ve never heard of it. Thanks.

  • OK given that we are talking about a drunken game played by college students, it seems odd that there are so many people with militant attitudes. I mean “terrorist”?!? Come on. It is a game and that is all. It doesn’t even require any skill or intelligence (the primary reason it mixes so well with alcohol).

    At least the players featured in the photos haven’t taken over the sidewalks to play it.

  • Anon 5 apparently did not attend West Point.

  • Either “playing cornhole on the roof” means something different than what i thought it meant, or 12th and V is more exciting than i ever imagined!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I never in my life thought the game of cornhole would be the subject of controversy. I think people need to lighten up a bit.

  • The formstone has already dramatically altered the appearance of the house with the pop-up (along with the neighboring houses) so the pop-up, to me, seems to work better than it would if the house had the original brick front.

  • The game of Cornhole can be described thusly: A pleasing cross between horseshoes and sodomy. Good summer fun.

  • Ahoy !

    Felicitations are in order.

    This is exemplary, conducive, neighbor friendly, and legal judging from the dozen permits in the window. Good for them.

    Recessed pop-ups should be the norm in a string of row houses.

  • Cornhole, bean bag toss, bleh! Lawn Jarts, now there’s a summer game fun enough to get banned!


  • When are we starting up the Tivoli North Cornhole League?

  • aha haha hahaa cornhole

  • @WILLIAM cornhole is, according to my Baltimore friends, horseshoes for rednecks. And yeah, I didn’t realize you could get more redneck than horseshoes either, but there it is.

  • Hey Pop – thanks for capturing out game of Cornhole. And for all of you out there – we are not college kids nor are we rednecks. Just something fun to do while hanging out on the roof for the 4th. Take the poles out of your asses and try it sometime, I’m sure you’ll like it!!

  • *ooops….I meant our not out*

  • Amen Ilinveinshaw! If these people tried cornhole, they’d probably get addicted. People need to stop being so hypersensitive about having fun while it’s summer out. Yeesh!

  • “Take the poles out of your asses…”

    but wait…THAT’S cornhole!

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