Judging New Homes (and a Modern Building Nearby)


This home on Cathedral Ave north of Connecticut Ave seems to be fairly new. While not perfect, I think it fits in rather nicely with some of the older homes. Do you think it fits in?


And I’m also wondering what you guys think of the box like structure below, found on the grounds of the Swiss Embassy. I think it looks kinda cool:


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  • I like the Cathedral house. The cascading roofline going towards the back is nice and it fits into the neighborhood well. As for the Swiss place all of their buildings look like boxes so it should fit right in. Thank goodness tree coverage hides a lot of the view.

  • I generally don’t like new houses that are just direct carbon copies of old architecture.

  • The second building is The New Residence at the Swiss Embassy and is both the Ambassador’s residence as well as a cultural center. It was designed by Steven Holl, for which he received a RIBA award.

    There are more pictures here: http://www.architecture.com/Awards/RIBAInternationalAwards/2007/SwissEmbassy/NewResidence.aspx

  • I like both. The Cathedral house gives some modern touches without going overboard and still blends into the neighborhood. The Swiss Embassy is ultra-sleek (and that lawn kinda makes me want to sneak a sled on it next winter).

  • The Swiss Embassy pic reminds me of a line delivered by David Byrne in “True Stories”: “It’s a multi-purpose shaped building. It’s a box.”

  • For the most part, I agree with you about the new house, I think it fits in better than most now construction homes. I do wish they would have been more tasteful with regard to size. It is too McMansion-y. Everyone needs huge houses now, though. Maybe they have a big family. In that case it is fine.

    It is tasteful from the front, office-building front he side.

    Swiss Embassy is cool, obviously it is a green structure, so that is awesome. I wouldn’t want it as a house, but for an Embassy, it is pretty neat.

  • I like the new house, it fits in well. As for the Swiss building…ugly. It looks like an Ikea.

  • I’m pretty sure the first house posted is some sort of diplomatic stay-over facility. If you look down Cathedral Ave. a little more (toward Connecticut), there’s an identical structure on the left-hand side. These homes have round-the-clock security patrols and they never have any windows, curtains or blinds open. People come and go in black SUVs. Still, nice that whoever (US govt. or other) built them managed to blend ’em into the neighborhood.

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