Judging Carriage Houses


This is the first carriage house I’ve seen that sorta has a little pop up to it. I like the angle of it and think it still looks good. You? It’s located in an alley behind New York Ave.

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  • PoP: In conjunction with other changes that have been proposed to make the comment sections of the blog less confrontational perhaps a revision of some of the titles is in order too?

    For instance, instead of “Judging Carriage Houses,” “Judging Preposterously Phat Mansions You’ll Never Afford,” or “Judging Former Shooting Galleries Next To Superfund Sites,” perhaps a more P.C. title would be “Appreciating Carriage Houses For What They Are Without Making Offensive or Snide Comments.”

    I for one think it’s time we all dispensed with judgmental words like… er… judging.

    That being said, whassup with the flakey paint brick wall dudes? Two words for you: sand and blast.

  • I believe this is part of what was once known as “The NFL Players Club” owned by some former Redskin. I think all but one of the units (see that carriage house + the building behind it, or that it is behind) are currently abandoned/empty/foreclosed upon.

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