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  • Love the middle section, sans the glass blocks…they are a little dated (can you say 1980s?). But overall, looks great.

  • very sharp – has an art deco feel to it. will these be condos when the buidling is complete?

  • LOVE IT. Great Art Deco look, with a twist

  • the glass blocks are from the 20s – like the hecht building on NY Ave. nice job.

  • i live around the corner and have had my eye on this new development. they’ve made great progress and the workers are very professional whenever i walk by. i’m super excited that this little section of rock creek church road is really cleaning up and becoming inhabited as are many of the homes on new hampshire.

    for those of you who live in the area you’ll know what i’m talking about – now if only that kid on that loud scooter/motorcycle would stop zooming down the street at all hours of the day and the domestic violence that regularly occurs off 9th and rock creek would cease, i’d be a very happy camper!

  • i like how they enlarged those windows into doors (with the railing in front) so you can open them and have a pseudo-balcony. is that corten steel in the middle or something else?

  • Great renovation.

  • Very L.A.

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