In Lieu of “Coming and Going” Please Accept a Carriage House and a Question I’ve Been Meaning to Ask


Typing at a computer all day and night, my neck is killing me. Last weekend I walked past Lunar Massage at 1101 5th Street, NW. They say 20 minutes for $26. Is that a good deal?


And here’s the carriage house folks have been mentioning when talking about the “pink house” at the corner of 4th (or is it 5th?) and M Streets, NW.  Absolutely awesome!


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  • Yes, that is a good deal for a massage. Most walk-in type places charge around $1/minute + $10.

  • On this note, does anyone know of a footrub place? It may sound ridiculous, but they are littered all over Manhattan. I don’t need a full massage. The places I’ve been in NY are dirt cheap, something like $15-$20 for 20-30ish minutes.

    In trying to do a search for one, all I came up with was:

    Which, while ridiculously hilarious, is not located nearby.

  • My husband went there when she opened and thought it was a good deal. Not like the crazies at the mall who charge 50 dollars and make you feel like you just got kicked in the back 50 times. We always aim to support new businesses in the area.

  • Have been over to Lunar Massage a few times and really enjoy it. It’s no frills massage…not a spa, but a place to really relax without feeling like you’re overpaying. And Joanna and her therapists are super nice!! You can check them out at

  • Hi there – owner of Lunar Massage here. Thanks for posting a picture of my little studio! You should definitely try out our 20 minute massage for your tense neck and shoulders. That same problem is what most of my 400+ clients come in for!

    Also for Another Anon – you can come in for just a foot massage for the same price.

  • There’s a massage school on Wisc ave (I think) where you can get an hour for $50. But the local place sounds good too.

  • lol, from their website:

    All services at Lunar Massage are professional, non-sexual and follow the professional code of ethics. Anyone who makes an inappropriate request will be immediately escorted off the premises and not allowed to return. Jokes about inappropriate massage services are disrespectful and offensive to me as the owner and to the professional practitioners who take their work seriously.

  • Most professional massage therapists have some sort of announcement about sexual harrassment of their employees in their literature, and some make you sign a waiver before they begin. What is so funny about it?

  • I’m totally addicted to the Chinese massage at Pentagon City Mall (similarly reasonably priced), which is just like the ones I used to get when I worked overseas. But I’m definitely going to try Lunar – the prices and location are right!

  • As a recent graduate of massage school, I can tell you we were advised to charge (as new massage therapists) $1 a minute. So I would say that’s a tremendous deal, and now plan to check them out myself! Don’t forget to tip…

  • FloristThorne – if you’re looking for work I’m looking for good therapists! Stop on by if you’re interested.

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