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DSCN1283, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This beauty is located on the 2100 block on 19th Street in Adams Morgan. The only drawback was that it is located to the shell next door. But fortunately it looks like work has finally begun there:


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  • This huge four level house is a real gem owned by the same family for decades at 2112 19th Street, NW. It’s on the same block as the Washington Hilton Hotel on the side near where President Reagan was shot in 1981.

    The Hilltop Apartments next door at 2110 19th Street, NW has had so many lives with its original facade having survived all of them.

    It nearly burned to the ground in a big, devastating fire in the late 1960’s;

    was reconstructed, restored and remained under the same ownership and management for 40 years;

    then sold to an inexperienced developer/builder that gutted it;

    after a serious collapse and construction accident the project was abandoned for years;

    then resold to the current developer with these plans:

  • That is a great little block. Friends of mine live in the building next door, which also suffered a major fire a few years ago.

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