Greatest City Sign Ever?

cp1_0423050930, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A buddy of mine saw this sign on 16th a few years ago and thankfully still had it on his camera phone. Too good.

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  • Demonstration Project on Commentage

  • I used to live on the block (at least a block) at 16th & U that had these signs. It is a funny sign, but they also did something different with the signs on that block (the demonstration project, if you will).

    The zone parking signs were combined with the street cleaning signs, so you only had to look in one place to see when it was legal to park where you were. I have no idea if it helped with the parking (I’m guessing not – parking there was always awful), but it was an interesting idea.

  • I always try not to look at it, just in case they are demonstrating that people will read whatever they see.

  • I’m still voting for the mysterious “end of experiment” signs at Connecticut and Chevy Chase Circle.

  • saf

    Rockcreek – those aren’t mysterious. Further north you will find the signs telling you that you are in an experimental line paint zone.

  • is everyone sure that this isn’t actually some sort of guerilla art thing?

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