Good Deal or Not? Reader Request Near “the entrance of picturesque Rock Creek Park” Edition


This home is located at 4121 Arkansas Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“This great home is located minutes to the Metro and buses, and is adjacent to the entrance of picturesque Rock Creek Park. The open floorplan ensures gracious entertaining w/ gleaming hardwood floors, and features a beautifully executed new kitchen with granite counters and S/S appliances. As an added bonus, the home has a sunroom, a large basement with full bath, and 2 parking spaces.”

More info found here and a virtual tour found here.

This is the home that is located across the street from today’s house of the day. The virtual tour looks pretty fantastic but the reader cautions that the some of the rooms are actual quite small. While the listing says it is located in Columbia Heights it actually falls in that border area between Crestwood and Petworth. It’s been on the market 205 days. Originally it was going for $515,000 but is now on the market for $459,900. Does that sound reasonable?

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  • wow. just like Rush Limbaugh, this thing is ugly inside and out!

  • I like the inside downstairs. The price seems reasonable but I must be missing something. To me these houses are ugly and the back yards have no privacy.

  • unless there’s something invisible and massively wrong with it, I think this is a good deal.

  • Hmmm…something tells me all is not what it seems if itss been on the market for that long. I mean bad curb appeal, but other than that. I wonder if there have been inspections, or if there is something visibly wrong (like a massive crack or something).

  • unless there’s something invisible and massively wrong with it,

    I’m pretty sure that everything that’s massively wrong with it is quite visible.

    Are two parking spots really worth spending $460k to live in such an ugly place? There are plenty of alternatives nearby. And those bars on the first floor window make it look like you’re living in a cage.

  • All those porch covers really destroyed the modern look of the homes.
    Has the bathroom in the kitchen :/

  • When sitting in the spacious Florida room, this homeowner stares at the grills of his cars which would be at eye level. The folks in this neighborhood really love metal awnings, so much that they have little custom ones for the bathroom windows, too.

  • I vote a good deal, not a great one. The owners could help themselves out by adding some curb appeal. The inside looks appealing though, for most buyers. The bedrooms don’t look too small, the kitchen looks like it has been renovated recently.

    The “Florida room” is wierd. It isn’t just the aluminum everywhere, even the vertical blinds. It looks like it was extended so far that even the back door had to be cut in to allow room for the stairs to the carport. That room isn’t help selling the place, IMO. Maybe if they dressed it up a bit and made it look more appealing, it would help.

  • A crack? why yes, it’s in the carport. It must have settled after the concrete was laid down and never repaired.

    A few other oddities – the a/c unit outside is blocking a basement window; the flooring in the kitchen looks really strange up against the hardwood (I think it’s non-wood flooring made to look like hardwood, but I’m not positive); the walls were obviously painted after the floors were finished. There is a reason why there are no pix of the basement “bedroom and full bath”. And that issue about the Florida room looking over the carport. just odd.

    They bought in 2005 at $399. That was near the height of the market, right?

  • If this house was staged, I bet it would move. The floral couch and the piles of laundry detract, but the kitchen and baths are in good shape (new) – make the rest modern to match the original line of the house and it will move.

  • Good god, these idiots have ruined the interior. It makes me want to throw up. The “Florida Room” in particular is a disaster.

  • I agree with DC Mom…this house needs some staging help!

  • Where are all the HGTV reality film crews when you need them?

  • I think this house is very conflicted. It has a very modern exterior – granted it needs some special touches and love but the inside is much different and a bit of a let down. Getting over this conflict I would say $430k.

  • 16th st heights

  • I think the price is reasonable – in that location, completely renovated houses go for over $550 or $600K. This house does need some work, but some of the very expensive renovations, such as the kitchen (I like a lot) and central air, have already been done. Some of the 50s touches like the carport and the metal “Florida room” need to go. At this price that’s doable. I say it ends up selling for around $450K.

  • GDON revisited!

    So it went for $412k and change.

    They bought it for $399k and had it originally listed for $515k. Having toured it when I was in the market to buy and was looking at the neighborhood, I still thought that $459k was fruit loops.

  • @ Anon: good find – looks like most people’s guesses were high.

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