Good Deal or Not? Reader Request in Brookland Edition

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This home is located at 1249 Irving Street, NE:

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The flier says:

“Price just reduce by 50K!Classic mid-century modern built in 1950 by Washington architect. With light filled rooms, refinished oak hardwood floors, many original details with new appliances, mechanical upgrades and restored charm. Perched high above the street level with wonderful views. Master bedroom plus three others on second floor.”

More info and photos found here.

The reader writes:

“I love it, and we’re thinking about taking a look. It’s huge and has a ton of character.”

It does look pretty sweet, it even has a great door picture! Though, I feel like the price may still be a bit high. It has been reduced from $749,900 to $699,900. Sound reasonable? What do you think of the house itself?

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  • I love Brookland! I just bought there myself. This looks like a whole lot of house for the price if you compare it to what you get for the same price in Columbia Heights…which is why I love Brookland. It is a little high for the area, although looks completly ready to move in with all updates. I’d still offer lower than list.

  • I like the house, but it’s the most expensive house on the market in that zip code by $75K –and that’s after the price reduction. It’s been on the market for 10 months, and I think it’ll be on for many more until the drop the price some more.

  • I don’t know that much about Brookland but I would say the price needs to drop 40-50k.

  • Kitchen is nice – i like the lower SS cabinets. Bathrooms need updating and overall would benefit from some staging to get rid of clutter, neutralize the decor a bit. Also, professional pictures might help it move – dark and strange shots.

    I think that another $40K down and you will have a winner.

  • I live in Brookland (great neighborhood!) and know this area. Though not my style, it is a huge, beautiful house in lovely condition. I think the price needs to drop a bit more…I’m trying to imagine who would want a house that big in Brookland. It may be “over upgraded” for the neighborhood.

  • That’s the biggest basement bar I’ve ever seen! Wonderful!

  • Nice house. I’m partial against 1950’s houses because I’m not a fan of how they look. But that’s all personal preference. I think one value-add feature that shouldn’t be overlooking is that it appears to be on a double lot. Not that you’d ever want to knock your house down and build two, but it does add value.

  • Yeah, that basement bar is pretty sweet. Is that a built-in fireplace in the bar? I can’t let my husband see that…

  • Brookland definitely fills a niche. A little …zzz… for me but then I’m still “in my third decade.” If school options improve the place could really explode.

  • i love those midcentury houses but i don’t think my wife would go for it

  • How is the area in terms of safety/quietness/general trouble… I have not been there in a long time. I know that some areas closer to N Capitol are still sketchy, but I know Brookland has come a long wayin the last 5 years…

  • This is around the corner for me…I hope and pray every day that it sells, and for more than it’s listed for! It’s a cool house – although the current owners took down one of the external decorative elements (it was old and needed refurb) and never replaced it, so the cool ‘modern-ness’ of it has been compromised.

    But mostly I want it to sell high because I need to sell my house at some point and I’d like to think that Brookland is in demand! 😉

  • we walked this when it first went on the market. It is actually pretty “classic” – meaning that those bathrooms might be original. (I don’t know my modern well enough to tell.) I think it needs a buyer who will really know how to make the crazy martini bar and other mid-century details pop. FWIW, it looks much better than these shots, which do make it look untidy and fussy.

    It’s not the largest house in Brookland (where we have more than a few sprawling old victorian SFHs) nor the largest lot. The 5 bedroom beside me sold for $700K but that was new construction with bells and whistles.

    I too hope it sells to someone who won’t just rip out the bathrooms and tear out the history. This house is pretty unique… but that also makes it a tad hard to sell.

  • Brookland’s a great neighborhood and that is a nice house, but I wouldn’t want to have to shovel the snow out of that walkway.

  • I live a few doors down from that house, and it is very nice but way overpriced for this neighborhood. It’s very niche, its decor and price really make it a hard sell. Also, it has been on the market for at least a year, I think I recall it being for sale when I moved in 1.5 years ago.

    But as far as safety dc_publius, the area around me (13th and Irving NE) is overall very quiet and safe. I can’t speak for the rest of the neighborhood since it’s very street to street (as is most of DC), but my area is great. We were originally looking in the Petworth/Columbia Heights area, and found that we were able to get much more house, a yard, and a safer neighborhood in Brookland. There is some crime around the metro station, and the Catholic U kids can get a little rowdy. But overall, I love it here and I would absolutely encourage people to consider Brookland. We don’t have the same accessibility to restaurants, shops, etc., but that is due to change under the current development plan. For now, I am happy with the tradeoff.

  • Is the house near a Metro stop?

  • Does anyone have an idea of who the architect might have been? It has some stylistic elements that are very similar to those cool Mid-century Modern rowhouses on Arkansas Avenue that were featured on PoP a few weeks ago.

  • My husband and I LOVE that house. Love the big backyard, though landscaping on the hill will be challenging. (not crazy about the lawn on the terraces…)

    It was on the market when we bought blocks away. Couldn’t afford it then and we certainly couldn’t afford it now.

    Not sure if it is overpriced, but it is gorgeous.

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