Good Deal or Not? Half Grass/Half Gravel Complete Reno Edition


This home is located at 1423 New Jersey Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Wonderful complete NEW redo – roof, systems, entire inside! Gorgeous HW flrs, marble entry, new stairs, Great kitchen with granite, SS appliances and nice cabinets, custom closets, recessed lights, marble baths, off street parking, fenced rear garden, extra storage. High quality full renovation with attention to detail. WOW new 3 level redo rowhouse – less than a 2 bed condo!! Great find!!”

More info found here and a virtual tour found here.

This looks like a nice reno but I’m curious what you think because it’s been on the market 128 days. I’m guessing folks will have a lot to say about the location. It was originally going for $524,900 but is now on the market for $499,000. Sound reasonable?

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  • We looked at this not too long ago. Still needs reno. Not worth 1/2 mill. Why is New Jersey Ave so expensive? I live on it and listen to sirens and construction 2-4-7!

  • Is the gravel for parking? I can’t think of any other reason to have it, and you don’t see parking in front of rowhouses very often. the grass would make for some good front yard cornhole. reno stripped out any character the place had.

  • a soulless, despicable place. what a shame.

  • lol I really enjoy the marble entryway…

  • I looked at a rental apartment in this area a year ago and I was turned off by all of the surface parking lots and rundown parks. I had trouble imagining myself walking home from the Metro after dark there. I ended up moving to Columbia Heights (and having to spend more money) and while maybe I am actually more likely to get mugged or shot there, because it’s a more populated, bustling area, I feel safer and more comfortable there walking home from the Metro or out to the bar. If the price differential had been more I might have been able to deal with the shortcomings of the neighborhood but it was only around $100 a month so it wasn’t worth it for me. Similarly, I don’t think this place offers enough of a discount to compete with nicer neighborhoods, and in fact, for $500k you can get a *nicer* house close to the Petworth Metro or on Capitol Hill. I think this will eventually sell for under $400k.

  • $400K, tops.

  • I live about 2 blocks from this house and looked at it during my house hunt. The renovation is not criminal, but it is definitely not great either. I’d guesstimate the square footage at about 1500 (some of which is in the unusably low finished basement) so that puts the price at about $330/sq. ft. That seems a little high, but not by a radical amount.

  • This house is probably worth somewhere around $350k if it is really nice inside. If as the previous comments have suggested that the reno is not that great, Id put it at $300. Similar size row houses in the area that were non renovated have gone in the low $200’s.

  • Blah renovation, small house. Personally, not a huge fan of that neighborhood either. Ugly housing stock, kind of decrepit. I’m sure it will be great one day but right now that’s a pretty penny to live in a small house right there.

    Not worth it.

  • And what in god’s name is this atrocity at the end of the block?

  • Jamie,

    That is Dunbar High School.

  • Vonstallin

    that Jamie is Dunbar SHS:….
    As long as that is a high school…..

    I will tag this place with a
    Do Not Want sticker….

    overall for what it is … I like the reno…simple…nothing too fancy, just a decent update. That area will be next on the hit list of places to sky rocket…maybe 5 to 10 years from now tho….but its coming. All the new Condos, and office buildings down the street on NY Ave…

    Its coming.

  • I wouldn’t want to live there. That house is racist.

  • That’s a high school? It looks like a maximum security prison! Good grief.

    I totally agree that that area will be good one day. Pretty close to metro & downtown. Doesn’t alter the fact that the housing stock is generally small and pretty scrubby though. For the money there are lots of other neighborhoods I’d rather invest in.

  • Jamie, what you say may be true on some blocks but not on others. There are plenty of great looking, good-sized houses in Truxton Circle.

  • @Truxton K – I don’t know that area as well as you do so I’ll take your word for it. I’ve driven from Union Station to home on New Jersey avenue a lot and never thought much of it from that perspective, so that’s mostly where that opinion comes from.

  • The housing stock is nice in my opinion. There’s no 1950’s ugliness- only old historic housing stock that, once buffed and scrubbed, will look very nice. I like NJ Avenue because of the nice setbacks and front yards.

    Hopefully Dunbar is on the list of schools to be reconstructed from scratch. Kids can’t learn in that thing- it does look a bit like a prison.

  • That’s the entry to Cheney’s bunker.

  • Jamie, believe it or not, the original Dunbar HS was a graceful building (it resembled Cardozo HS on Clifton St) that they demolished for this prison like monstronsity and parents used to fight to send their kids there 45 long years ago.

  • Meh, average renovation. I’m curious if those who’ve seen the house noticed if the floors were actually hardwood. The redfin listing notes at least one room as Pergo (laminate). From the photos it looks like the whole house is laminate flooring, which definitely reduces the value of the home.

    The laundry room arrangement is very very strange. The cabinet is a nice idea but there is clearly no room for it. The rest of the place is kind of hard to tell because the photos are so terrible. I have a clear idea of what the outside looks like–because of the 12 photos of it. The bathrooms look okay but I can only see half of a sink which doesn’t really tell me much.

    I think the $499 price is too high, but the predictions on here of ‘low 200s’ is absurd also. They’ll probably have to drop the price a few times again, closer to 400 if not a little lower, unless they find a schmuck to buy it sooner.

  • $435-452k.

  • Truxton has no bars, no night life, and plenty of crime, all it has is its proximity to the metro / NY ave. There is nothing around there. I rather go to Near North East / H street, There you still have crime and metro proximity but you also have night life, and slightly lower prices.

  • I agree with Marvin Ghey Says: That house hates everyone including the Logan Circle goups, they refused to rent to me because I resemble Jim Graham and I wear pink glases

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