Good Deal or Not? Dramatic Listing “One Life to Live” Edition


This home is located at 1340 Randolph Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!!So start enjoying it now. A 3br, 1 1/2+ 1/4 bath colonial in Col. heights, just mins from tennis, golf and downtown DC. This has a delightful ft porch, spacious dining, off st parking and large rooms. Definitely a happy home at a price to make you smile.”

More info found here and but sadly no inside photos.

I like how they point out “just mins from tennis, golf…” I’ve never seen that as a huge selling point (though I love both sports). I know it’s a bit hard to say without inside photos (they psyched me out with a virtual tour of the outside). But does $380,000 sound reasonable? Particularly if you only have one life to live…?

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  • Who knows? It’s impossible to say without pictures or any information on the condition. If it’s in decent, livable condition it’d be a fair price. If it’s a fixer-upper the price is way too high. If it recently underwent a quality renovation it’d be a steal at this price. So it’s anywhere from way too high to a steal.

  • Do we call a random toilet in the basement a 1/4 bath now? That’s just my guess about what they mean there, from seeing a few other places with the same thing.

  • No interior photos = probably in bad shape. And if that’s the case, $380k = bad deal.

  • No interior photos + overly dramatic description = definitely in bad shape.

  • Condition is “needs work” on the listing

  • I’m guessing the “1/4” bath means a utility sink in the basement. Where exactly is the nearby golf and tennis?

    If there was only one exterior shot, I’d say there’s a chance that the inside is okay. But given that they went out of their way to take three different shots (actually, on zillow there are 6), I’d say they don’t want you to see the inside, which would make this a bad deal.

  • aren’t you pretty much “minutes” from everything in this city? technically i’m minutes from Baltimore too

  • Does anyone trust for home value estimates? Do they seem low or high?

  • i think it is a gem. buy it now.

  • The “nearby gold and tennis” is pretty cool. The tennis is at Raymond Recreation Center, which is about four blocks away, and the golf is either at the wonderful Rock Creek course (several minutes’ drive up 16th) or the top secret Old Soldiers Home course (probably a 5 minute drive). They might as well throw in the Upshur Pool, which is only 4 blocks up 14th.

    Of course, with no interior photos and the “needs work” condition, this place is definitely in bad shape. Still, I think it’s a pretty good location and these homes were built pretty well, so it might be a good deal.

  • Er, nearby “golf”, not “gold.” Sorry.

  • I, for one, would LOVE to find a place with nearby gold, especially at this price.

  • I have one of thoe “1/4 baths” and it is as ridiculous as it sounds. The only advantage — you can designate it for workers in your home and keep them out of your limited private bathroom(s).

  • Could be a good deal if the interior is OK.

  • The northern border of the Columbia Heights neighborhood (not tax classification district) is Spring Rd. This is a couple blocks from CH. So the realtor set out to be overly dramatic, lie, and confuse (quarter bath?).

    and whoever buys this is definitely going to fat off the Rib Pit.

  • We have what is basically a toilet in the basement. I wouldn’t even call it a 1/4 bath, but I guess that is what it is. And we’ve been known to use it in an emergency. Having a one bathroom house for a family of 5 can be a challenge.

  • Many of the houses in that part of D.C. that are of similar design and vintage had toilets in the basement, behind little saloon doors. I assume that’s what they mean by 1/4 bath.

  • This is the first one in forever that I think is a good deal. $380 plus $100 grand renovation, I could see this location selling for $500 (or am i out of the price range?). It looks like it has a nice sized backyard, and I agree with the other posters about the quality of these houses originally- Very sturdy! as for the fringe benefits, don’t forget the pool just a couple of blocks away. I think that this is priced to sell.

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