Girl Gang Related Stabbing at 1024 Kenyon, NW

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From Council Member Jim Graham:

“Dear Friends, a fight between two feuding girl gangs culminated in a stabbing at 1024 Kenyon about 11 PM last night. The victim was a 16 year old girl and she is expected to recover. The fight, I am told, was over a MySpace issue. More as details are developed. Councilmember Jim Graham”.

This is sad on so many levels.

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  • I’ll admit it, I’m scared of 16 year old girls. And this is why. They look old enough and are strong enough to do real damage, but their minds are SO far from being caught up with their bodies.

    If only there were some sort of pill you can give to teen aged girls to help them grow a frontal cortex faster…


  • “The fight, I am told, was over a MySpace issue. ”

    What in the hell is going on over at MySpace that kids are stabbing each other?

  • Why is the fact that this involves “girl” gangs relevant?

  • Somebody quick go cut and paste the entire comment section from the last crime post. Save us all a lot of time.

  • girls will be girls!

  • who still uses myspace?

  • Isn’t this is just part of the urban environment that all the hipster gentrifiers need to adjust to?

  • In my high school, the girl fights could be downright scarey, way worse than boys. Hair pulling, long nails. Just ugly. No knife incidents come to mind, but those were simpler times.

  • Myspace is the new choice social networking site for gang members and for middle aged men to post pictures of themselves with their shirts off.

  • Parkwood Person – I believe it’s called parenting and/or role models.

  • Anyone who still uses Myspace in 2009 deserves to be stabbed. Ever heard of Facebook, girls?

  • I heard they were fighting over which one of the Jonas brothers was the dreamiest!

  • They had the chopper out last night, (actually shone the light on my front door for a minute) which really surprised me for what looked like some punk kids going by Wonderland. If there was that kind violence I suppose that the chopper was justified.

  • Huh, myspace is in spanish now? Whoddathunkit. …i kid, i kid. It is summer though and when the humidity picks up people tend to get all stabby.

  • It was well before 11. I rolled up to Wonderland around 10:00-ish, and the helicopter (called Condor One, by the way) was already gone, but there were still lots of closed streets and scattered groups of cops interviewing people. By 11:00, the ground units had departed, too. Blelvis filled me in on the whole thing.

  • mr. t. in my humble opinion, your humour is out of place here.

  • EAT Fresh: thanks for the reminder, I have to update my middle aged shirtless pix. Now 30% pasty-er

  • Maybe we should ban myspace?

  • MPD’s helicopter is called ‘Falcon’, Park Police’s is called ‘Eagle’, didn’t know they added another bird to the nest.

  • Jim,
    I can’t beleive that gang members are using myspace, times have really chaged. Keep up the good work JG. When are you planning to announce your run for Mayor:)

  • I posted links on Prince of Petworth to a local gang’s MySpace page back in May. If you didn’t read it then…

  • Why is it so surprising they were fighting over a MySpace issue or that gangs would use MySpace at all? Gangs are linked to lower socioeconomic conditions, and in turn, MySpace users tend towards the lower socioeconomic spectrum.

    There was a recent article on this phenomenon:

    Here’s a link to the underlying study:

    From the study:
    “A month ago, the military banned MySpace but not Facebook. This was a very interesting move because the division in the military reflects the division in high schools. Soldiers are on MySpace; officers are on Facebook. Facebook is extremely popular in the military, but it’s not the SNS of choice for 18-year old soldiers, a group that is primarily from poorer, less educated communities.”

    In addition, let me offer a personal anecdote. When I first moved into my current neighborhood in D.C., I brought my laptop to the nearby Rec Center and used the free WiFi. I was probably the only non-black person at the Rec Center most of the time on weekdays from 5-7pm. Never once did I see any one using the other three Rec Center-provided laptops to access Facebook. Regardless of age (from 16 year olds who told their friends they had lied about their age when registering to those in their late 20s/early 30s), everyone was accessing MySpace.

  • Mr. T– IMHO, your humor is fine. stick around.

  • News flash: Jim Graham announces plan to ban internet access because it is linked to fighting in Columbia Heights.

  • “when the humidity picks up people tend to get all stabby.”

    This made me giggle.


  • I just call those chopper “ghetto birds”.

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