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I’ve recently become a fan of these green gardens. This one is on 13th Street, NW in Columbia Heights. This yard also had an interesting sign, anyone have a rain barrel?


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  • yep – got my rain barrel a couple weeks ago from DDOE. had to pay like 35 bucks but they installed it and everything. And the riversmart homes people are coming over tomorrow morning to consult on my yard. so ya…sort of the poster child on this.

  • can someone post the link to apply for the rain barrels through the city

  • I second the motion for a link to the city subsidized rain barrels

  • i got my rain barrel installed about a month ago too…mosquito-proof, top of the line apparatus. i networked it up with an old rain barrel that i had as well so i can collect and store something like 250 gallons of rain water. also getting a rain garden installed in the front yard – i’ll have to contribute $75 as a co-pay of sorts. might also rip out all the impervious surfaces in the back and get a new carport (they’ll only give $1200 towards that cost though.)

    i had to sign up for the rain barrel like 2 years ago…and they only have 300 to install city-wide, but i think there’s a wait list set-up. it’s all funded thru an EPA grant.,a,1209,q,497794.asp

  • Yeah, I signed up for a rain barrel about 6 months ago and received an emaily reply telling me there was a long wait.

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