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Wow, this one on Fairmont just east of 13th St, NW is phenomenal. The palm tree even has sand!


And the area to the right is also well done. Best “curb” garden I’ve seen this year.


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  • Thats’s awesome…although it makes me want a pina colada!

  • That’s a banana tree, not a palm (although it looks like there’s a palm in the middle of the other garden). I hope that’s only a little sand spread on top, because that tree won’t grow in sand.

  • That rocks way too hard to even articulate. I’d suggest a coolest plant in plantville contest, except the winner would be way too easy to pick.

  • Vonstallin

    hey will this last thru the winter? I always wanted to plant tropical trees but figured one year isnt enuff.

  • Well this just makes my day! I can really see this becoming a top vacation spot for garden gnomes!

  • Banana trees will not winter outdoors here. There are some options:

    1. You can did up the root ball every year and stick it in a crawl space or someplace that stays cool but not below 40ish degrees, then replant the root ball mid spring. the green will die back, but it will put out new shoots every year.

    2. You can try to leave it in the ground, build a cage around it, and cover it about 2 feet deep in straw, leaves, etc. and hope it keeps the ground warm enough around the root ball. again, the upper growth dies off, but if the root ball doesn’t freeze, it could put out new shoots in the spring. take down the cage and remove the composting in mid spring.

    3. Plant dwarf bananas in large containers and drag them into your house from Oct-march. Dwarf bananas get 5-6 feet tall. You can make your dining room an off-season tropical get-away.

  • Love IT!

    Do you have to get a permit to put a garden in tree boxes? Just wondering before I tackle the one in front of my house.

  • you can winter hardy bananas in dc. I and many of my neighbors have. you need to plant them in the ground and mulch generously heading into winter. then chop the top and it comes back in the spring.

  • Check out the yard on 15th b/t Allison and Buchanan if you want to see some serious banana tree action.

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