Formerly Angry Inch, Formerly True Story, Formerly Morgan’s – Now “Draft Pix” Sport Bar


Wow this spot at 2450 18th Street changes names/themes more than, um, more than, alright I can’t come up with anything but it changes names a lot. It was Morgan’s back in Feb. And of course when it was, briefly, True Story before that it kept changing signs. I’ve seriously never seen a place change names so frequently. I wonder if the ownership keeps changing as well. In any case, has anyone checked out “Draft Pix”? How does it rank as a sports bar?

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  • shit. how are they even making signs this fast?

  • saf

    Wow. It was the Mexican place for so many years, and now it’s been SO many different things so fast.

    Los Rocas, that was its name. Just took me a minute.

  • It was Angry Inch for quite awhile. I wonder what’s been going on since then?

    I remember being dragged there multiple times by a friend who really enjoyed the 24 year-old frat boys. Good times (no, not really).

  • It’s the curse of ‘Las Rocas” – the previous name of the establishment in the ’80s & ’90’s. A few folks were killed in there over the years.

  • Wow, the bar of the damned.

  • I think the curse is that in every bar incanation its been over the last several years it seemed to cater to Republicans. I know this because everytime i was forced to go there the guys were short and tucked their shirts in. Who wants to party in that kind of atmosphere.

  • for a bar to be successful on that strip its got to stand out. If I was handed that bar to manage here is how I would make it an instant success. I would put 10 skee ball lanes in it. Skee Bar would be packed always. at least i would be there.

  • I think an appropriate analogy would have been this place changes names more than puff daddy.

  • MegDC FTW.

    I think True Story/Morgans were owned/managed by some younger guys that didn’t really know what they were doing other than they wanted to own a bar. So, I guess its not surprising that those things didn’t go so well for them (then again, they probably had plenty of fun driving the place into the ground).

  • Just from looking at the photo, I thought this was going to be a discussion about a “Pop Out” or something—it looks like the first and second story were built out to make more room inside.

  • in admo the other day I spotted a DC flag with a snake and the “don’t tread on me” snake superimposed on top of it. does any one know where I can buy twelve dozen of them?

  • stopped by there when it was true story and had just opened. and the beer list sucked. hence didn’t return. to echo what an earlier commenter said. to stand out on the strip you have to offer some different. and a decent beer list would be good for starters.

  • I always liked Angry Inch even… the drinks were cheap, the drunks were harmless, the music was loud, and the times were good. I am one of the vile former frat boys people love to smear so much, so take my opinion of the place as you will

  • yeah… It was Angry Inch for years… and I spent many a drunken nights there… then I got married (and lame) and it changed names several times. Maybe I was the only one keeping that place afloat! (I’m a girl, not a sweaty frat boy)

  • It was also briefly Guantanamera, a Cuban place opened by on of the original owners of Havana Village. Not sure why it didn’t last. It served some very good food. Maybe that was the problem.

  • If you opened a SkeeBall joint, I would be there at least once a week.
    SkeeBall and Pinball machines, I’d be there at least twice a week.

  • if someone opened a skee-ball place in adams morgan i might have a heart attack. and then i would get better and play skee-ball so much i’d lose my job, family, and friends. but it would be worth it because skee-ball is so awesome and that is the best idea ever.

  • It seems really strange that the name of a frat boy bar should be “Angry Inch.” I mean, I always thought that name suggested that it was a gay bar. No?

  • Stopped in here about 2 weeks ago. Great music upstairs and a relaxed atmosphere downstairs. Drinks were cheap and music was pretty decent. Nice place to chill for a few cocktails. Tried the blue calamari it was AWESOME!!!!! I hear they are doing brunch as well as other events nightly…I will def be back. Its owned by a woman now, cant remeber her name.

  • This place is spectacular!!love the music, luv the atmosphere, luv the cute guy and girl vibe. Will come back every thurs from now on!!

  • The lady the owns the place is a Football player for the Dc Divas!! Its a sports themed bar. Pretty nice place, a lot cleaner and more welcoming than the old Angry Inch vibe. I hope this place does well. Dont just wonder about this joint, check it out!!!I did and had a great time on Wednesday last week.

  • Was very excited to have a sports bar move into the area. This place is now owned by two women ( sisters). I think this may be a first in Adams Morgan as in Women owners, does anyone know?
    Went in for Happy hour and realized I new one of the owners. Allysea used to tend bar at Oymel on 8th st- She makes the BEST Margarita- if she isnt working the Bar ask real nice and if shes there Im sure she will hook you up.
    Cant wait for monday night football they have alot of flat screened TVs. understand they
    have a great party scene upstairs thur-sat nights- may have to check it out- wish them luck they REALLY CLEANED and CLASSED the place up big time. And bangin wings

  • The place is great! complete change….good music great drink specials and nice appetizer menu…had the empanadas they were delicious! I went early one nite and decided to stay and check the vibe and the upstairs gets packed late but nice crowd and great bartenders! No ATTITUDE!

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