First Photo of MTV’s Real World DC Filming

Unnamed, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Saw two new castmembers on Riggs and 14th walking down the street being filmed.”

Granted it’s a bit spotty but it’s the first photo I’ve seen. Anyone else seen filming going on?

When we last discussed the arrival of MTV’s Real World DC folks were a bit concerned that they were going to ruin the neighborhoods. So now that they are here has anyone noticed any difference in their neighborhoods? Any other sightings?

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  • I spent the entire afternoon and night at the Real World DC house today. I still think some cast members moved in, but not all of them. Whatever was being shot was strictly for b-roll/random video purposes.

    The crew remained very silent, but we did catch some information.

    For all of the info, you can follow me on Twitter @luvelizabethany or check out my blog–>

    I will be there every step of the way!!

  • I looked out my front door this morning and noticed a lot of McDonald’s wrappers, Mambo wings remnants and broken bottles on the sidewalk so yes the Real World DC cast is ruining the neighborhood.

  • Lol, Herb.


  • Thank goodness we have elizabethany to keep us updated every step of the way! Otherwise how else will I know what goes on in the scripted lives of a group of random strangers.

  • I too saw them walking north on 14th street in a clump…it looked like 2 people were already holding hands, so I am guessing we are in for a long bumpy ride. I wonder where they are going to “work”? The Hill? Ha.

  • expect to be underwhelmed

  • The Real World is sooooo ’92. Honestly..who gives a %$*! 🙂 That is all.

  • Wow… elizabethany, what is wrong with you?

  • whoa – elizabethany’s blog is hilarious. it’s kind of PoP antimatter.

  • Herb, thank you for making me laugh this morning.

  • Saw this yesterday around 12:30 on the way to lunch. The group was walking north on the east side of 14th Street in the Q to R block. I saw three young women and one guy being filmed, with a camera and sound crew of three or four. It wasn’t very exciting. I would like my money back.

  • i really don’t understand why people think the real world cast would have any sort of noticeable impact on a city of a half million people. they just sit around their house or hang out in dive bars 99% of the time. maybe douchebags that hang out in adams morgan are going to be inconvenienced but that’s about it.

  • The RW kids live close to where I usually go to volunteer, so I’ll be inadvertently passing their house from time to time. Lovely (sarcasm).

    As long as the cameras aren’t on me, I’m good to go.

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