Dear PoP – Police Helicopter in Adams Morgan Last Night

IMG_3468, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“There was a spotlight helicopter in AdMo early this morning, around 1:30am.”

Anyone know what happened?

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  • Yes, something criminal.

  • Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law

  • There was a similar fly-over early last week as well. Maybe its a routine thing?

  • A friend of mine on calvert street explained to me that someone was randomly jumped and beaten up by three 16 y.o. kids last night around midnight. possibly in relation to that; apparently the person was seriously messed up.

  • Violent Youth Offender Registry NOW! If true, it’s just Un*(&@&*$ing believable what we have to tolerate living in this city with so much unimpeded youth violence. I am going to start a new blog that highlights how incredibly violent some of the music these kids are listening to these days. Piped in incitement of youth violence. Ugh, time to move to Utah. Maybe with time I can learn to forget all the ugly pulled down pants and stupid underwear and the kids who think they are so cool by beating up lone victims. Was the victim a lone white girl again? Or an old man (like the 14-yr old killed in SW), or an elderly woman? Where is the statement from Graham?! And Lanier?!

  • There have been a bunch of DOD and NORAD military/medivac exercises over the past few days according to the DC Emergency Management email alerts I receive, but this sounds more like a MPD or Park Police incident with the helicopter spotlight and all.

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