Dear PoP – New Restaurant at 14th and Webster – El Don


“Dear PoP,

I wanted to draw your attention to a new local restaurant. My family and I tried Restaurante El Don at 14th and Webster last night. The woman working there said that they opened on June 1. It’s a Peruvian chicken place, with a few other items such as carne asada. We had the chicken and it was delicious. The prices were great as well. It’s a lot like Pollo Rico in Arlington and Wheaton, if you are familiar with those.”

Lots of food news this week but this is great news. I know people love Pollo Rico so if this is anywhere as good they should do very well. So all the Pollo lovers, check them out and let me know what you think! Is Pollo Rico the best Peruvian chicken in the DC area?

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  • I’d like to find some decent Peruvian chicken as well. Most of the places I’ve tried, the white meat is dry as a bone and the marinade tastes like a salt lick.

    The most authentic Peruvian chicken place is a little place called “El Pollo en Montañas” just outside Machu Picchu. It’s worth the two-hour helicopter ride from Cuzco. They also make some great hot boudin.

  • I just went to Pollo Rico in Arlington for the first time last weekend. It takes a lot for me to cross the river, but I am so happy I made the trip. The best chicken I have ever had and super cheap and the staff was incredibly nice. I hate NoVa, but I might have to re-evaluate a bit. Especially since DC lacks good cheap food options.

  • @Monkey — pretty sure the most authentic wouldn’t be outside the biggest tourist trap in the country. Try Huaraz :).

  • I ADORE El Pollo Rico – is this chicken truly comparable? Does it have sweet coleslaw and fries for sides? What about yellow sauce and green sauce?

  • What you really need to try is aji de gallina. There is a place in Wheaton, Maryland on University just called The Chicken Place that has the best authentic food I’ve found outside Peru itself.

  • @Emma d.

    I didn’t try the coleslaw, so I can’t comment on that. It does have fries, though not quite as good as El Pollo Rico’s. They provide both yellow and green sauce and the green sauce was really hot (almost couldn’t eat, definitely couldn’t stop eating).

  • @Jeff thank you! Sounds like I’ll have to try it out!

  • I really like Chix on U-Street.
    Although the chicken I like there is the Colombian, so it may not count as Peruvian.

    If they could get slightly more conventional with the sweet potato, i’d go more often.

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