Dear PoP – New Furniture Store Possibly Coming to 14th Street

CB2 package: box, originally uploaded by SweetNee.

“Dear PoP,

Woo hoo! Just what 14th Street needs…another furniture store!”

The reader sent an article from Washington Business Journal:

“Furniture retailer Crate & Barrel is looking for space to bring its CB2 store to D.C., according to a source familiar with the deal.

CB2, which is aimed at a younger and more urban market than Crate & Barrel, is considering taking space along the 14th Street NW corridor in a planned office-retail project at 1350 R St. NW.”

Wow, I’ve never even heard of CB2. Has anyone seen their goods? Think it’ll be a good fit for this section of 14th Street, NW?

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  • I’ve seen their stuff and bought some in their Chicago stores. They’ve had locations there for years and are pretty profitable, I believe. It is good to see such a company establishing an outpost here.

    CB2 sells well-built lower-end-of-the-price-range furniture (cheaper than Room & Board, more expensive than Ikea, slightly more than West Elm), more modern than Crate & Barrel stores sell.

    Yes, I think it will be a good fit at 14th/R. Most of their furniture would fit quite well in the new construction condo projects that have been built in recent years in that area, and price-wise will appeal to that buyer also.

  • A lot of their stuff is really nice. It’s perfect for the young professional who isn’t quite prepared to spend a few thousand dollars on an Eames chair, but who wants something well-built and fashionable that is a step above Ikea. Sounds like a perfect fit for 14th Street.

  • Crate and Barrel’s answer to West Elm. It’s not bad at all. You know, a lot of cities (Chicago, San Francisco come to mind) have whole sections of town with nothing but furniture and design stores. (Even DC had something like that in Cady’s Alley in Georgetown). I’m in the camp that anything is better than vacant buildings. I don’t understand why people get so worked up about a bunch of furniture stores.

  • Cady’s Alley is nice for Bo Concept (and Ann Sacks for tile porn), but mostly it’s a place where DWR is in the bottom end of the price scale. I like the trend of places like RnB & CB2 opening shop here, in addition to the downtown West Elm. I know there’s a camp that’s incredulous that anyone would procure furniture from a source other than Craigslist, but these places serve a useful purpose for some of us. Personally, I find Ikea to be like the Wal-Mart of cheap home stuff.

  • great addition to 14th st. cb2 has verty modern items (think minimalist clean lines) and the prices are reasonable. what they offer does not really duplicate anthing on 14th and provides a great alternative to some of the stores that offer lots of wood furnishings.

  • A cb2 store would be welcome in this area. They seem to have particularly cool and well-priced lighting fixtures.

  • Amusing. I currently work at 1350 R Street NW. You’ll have to wait a bit for your store, my friends.

  • Isn’t that the location of a homeless shelter? CB2 isn’t particularly for me (I prefer West Elm) but I love to browse the catalogue, and would love to see it in the Mall at the Petworth Metro.

  • Anything that will create some jobs and tax revenue is welcome these days. While we have to take a long-term outlook, you can’t turn down entrepereurs willing to invest millions of dollars in the city.

  • you’ve never heard of CB2 before? what planet does PoP live on?

  • Finally, a store that sells furnishings that are somewhat small scale! I bought a dining table from their catalog. It expands to seat up to 12 with hidden leaves. I looked for years to find something narrow enough for our place.

  • Agree that this will be a welcome addition and the location is perfect.

    Cady’s Alley isn’t meant for the average consumer. Most of the showrooms, like Ann Sacks, Janet et Cie, and Baker, cater to-the-trade. That is, they sell wholesale to professional designers who then sell them to clients. They don’t cater to the public or sell retail (usually).

  • perhaps most of you do not live in the 14th street area —– this is art’s corridor, filled with galleries and independent businesses. we do not need, nor favor retailers like CB2, Room + Board etc moving in. it would be more appropriate for them to follow suite in a commerical/corporate area, rather than mixing into something that still has some eclectic independence.

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