Dear PoP – Lots of Progress at New Dog Park at 17th and S, NW

DSCN1088, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Dear PoP,

The little triangle dog park between New Hampshire, 17th, and S St, NW is coming along nicely. They constructed a little hill in the middle that is covered in what looks like astroturf instead of grass for the dogs.”

Very nice. What’s the hill for?


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  • “What’s the hill for?”

    Water runoff?

  • “Water” runoff? In a dog park? Pretty convenient way to clean the astro – right into the storm sewer.

  • This looks great, but what’s going to happen to the dog pee? On natural turf, it just soaks into the ground; but not on this stuff. Will someone hose it down every so often? If not, it’s gonna stink!

  • There’s two parks near completion here – one at S Street and one at T Street.

    The photo above is of the dog park on S Street, and the hill design provides an incline for the dogs to enjoy. An entirely new drainage system has been installed at the park, and the artificial grass being used for the dog park is K9Grass, which is the only artificial grass designed specifically for dogs. The grass drains well, is able to withstand wear and tear, is easy to maintain, and the knitted structure of K9Grass helps wick away urine for a cleaner facility and a cleaner dog. In addition, the grass blades are coated with an antimicrobial product which helps fight odors and creates a safer, cleaner environment for the dogs.

    More info available from DPR’s website:

    S and T Streets Parks – Park Improvements and Dog Park,a,1239,q,640839.asp

  • Heartened to hear that the drainage is being addressed. Boy – dog park technology has come a long way since I first saw (and smelled) several in NYC. The “cleaner dog” was always a problem in my book – my relative wouldn’t use the park because of the concentrated waste that would then be on her dog in her tiny apt.

  • i guess it looks better than the gravel pits they call most dog parks.

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