Dear PoP – Black Squirrel Update (Third Floor Possibly To Become a Martini Bar)

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“Dear PoP,

Was there on Sunday and the patio is indeed open now. (a little small, but nice all the same) The bottom floor will be open sometime soon – a guy was working on graffiti for the walls when we were there. But the newest news is that they are also working on getting the TOP floor open sometime in the future. Supposedly as a martini bar. Our bartender seemed to think the bottom floor would be more about music and dancing, middle about beer , and top about martinis (maybe a lounge?).

Sounds awesome is all I can say. Black Squirrel is hands down my favorite place in Adams Morgan and the owners and staff really give them a one up on the rest of the street. And all the amazing beer and food doesn’t hurt.”

Very cool news! Black Squirrel is located at 2427 18th Street, NW.

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  • one of my favs as well but I dont know about their plans for music and dancing and martinis and lounges. what made us love Black Squirrel was the beer and food no? why mess with a winning formula. but ill reserve judgement for now. I am happy they have a little outdoor seating. I really wish they would close 18th to traffic and create a pedestrian mall. allowing more outdoor dining and trees. like charlotsville va has.

  • I agree with anonymous: why mess with a winning approach. I love the food, the beer, and the jukebox. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO martinis and dancing.

  • The main floor will stay the same – great beer and food. Just think of the bottom and top floors as places to shuttle the inevitable flow of losers on the weekend to. Maybe the extra business on those floors will help subsidize great beer and food on the main floor?

  • It is notable that the pint glasses they use for their particularly expensive beer is smaller than a pint, which is a huge no no for beer lovers everywhere. i really like this place, but find the wee glasses completely dishonest.

  • Black Squirrel is great. It’s much nicer than the dump that was in there before (some kind of sports bar or fake ass Irish pub kickballer hangout, if I remember correctly). But what I don’t understand is why they don’t serve squirrel.

  • @anon 12:54, much of their beer is imported bottled; you get everything in the bottle, there’s no more to give…

  • Hi, Everyone,

    I’m the owner of The Black Squirrel. Let me tell you about our plans for our two new floors. The upstairs space will be a private party room. We may open it now and again for other things, but it won’t be a martini lounge. That’s just now our style. When we do open, it will feature fabulous beer as well as our specialty beer cocktails. The downstairs space will have live music, but we won’t get away from our bread-and-butter, which is great food and lots of amazing beer. In fact, we’ll have more draft lines downstairs devoted to fine craft beer. I’m hoping to have 20+ draft lines downstairs, if we can fit everything into our small space. Cross your fingers! As I write, local artist (and Blue Duck chef & professional skateboarder, Ryan McGill) is painting an amazing graffiti mural downstairs, so I hope you all come and see it as soon as we open—which I hope will be soon!

    Thanks so much for the interest.


    Thanks for the interest in our expansion.

  • Try the mussels – they were great. The fries were also really good.

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