Dear PoP – Anyone Familiar With This Odd Walking Stick?

0706091948b, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Dear PoP,

I came across this walking stick outside of our McLean Gardens apartment, just at an entrance to a little nook of Rock Creek Park. These two carvings were on either side–I wondered if you had any idea of the story behind it, or if your readers might. (The carved text reads “Uncle Dan’s #24 / Use It Then Leave It”)”

Wow, that’s awesome. Anyone know the story behind this?


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  • There is a bloke who my parents told me about who carves intricate walking sticks on the Appalachian Trail (they hiked the length of the trail some years back and came across one), then leaves them trailside usually with a note similar to this for people to take it, use it, and if they want, leave it or keep it when they are done with it. Could be one of his…

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