Dear PoP – Alley Resurfacing on 600 blk of Princeton Place, Quebec, and RCC Road, Thanks Mr. Mayor

“Dear PoP,

I wanted to let you know that Park View will be getting some new alleys on the 600 block of Princeton Place, Quebec Place, and Rock Creek Church Road later this week. After years of trying to get this done (we started this process in 2005) the Mayor has followed through on his walk-thru promise made just a little over a month ago.

We had a scare when workers said they would be replacing the brick with asphalt, but per the Mayors email below they will be brick! We really owe the Mayor a great big thank you, as this is a major improvement to our neighborhood.”

From the Mayor:

“Brick alleys will be repaved with brick. Non-brick alleys will be repaved non-brick. Sorry for the miscommunication/confusion.”

Hopefully it will look as nice as this.

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  • How does one go about getting their alley repaved? It would be great if the alley between the 700 blocks of Euclid and Girard got redone. Would they redo it with that nasty asphalt brick?

  • Use this link and either set up an account (preferred) or place a request as a guest:

    I’ve put in about 4 requests to repair the alley b/w Illinois and 4th (and Taylor and Upshur) to no avail. The “status” of the requests show that they have been closed and referred to DC Street Maintenance. I currently have someone from Bowser’s office looking into it.

  • …forgot to mention that those 4 requests are since January 2007.

  • Funny this should come up. I noticed a work crew with a mini-JCB hanging out in the 600 block alley between RCC and Quincy. They didn’t do any work, that I could see, and they kinda screwed up the bricks a bit more, but they did sit back there and shoot the shit for quite some time.

    Does the post refer to that alley, or the one south of RCC?

  • They redid our alley off of Logan Circle (houses on Logan Circle, O, and 12 back up to it) about… a year ago. They look fantastic and seem to have been done the “right” way.

    Sorry, that is, re-bricked.

  • How ’bout getting non-brick replaced with brick? I hate the cracked cement monstrosity behind our house.

  • I am a huge brick fan- but does anyone else think it’s sort of a waste to pave an alley in brick? I’d rather save it for sidewalks since it adds more to the aesthetic appeal of a neighborhood.

  • Dear Mayor Fenty,

    I became aware that the city has imminent plans for our 600 block alley between RCC and Quincy when your crew arrived in force on Tuesday to do *something* back there. Several vehicles and numerous crewmembers arrived out front and around the block (though notably mostly not in the alley) with shovels and equipment, ready to go. Then your Bobcat scraper machine came in the alley and literally barely scratched the surface–a brick here, a dirt clod there–while five men tried in vain to back a too-wide truck into the alley. Beep beep beep beep beep, for 20 minutes. And then they all up and left? I assume this was a trial run? A prelude to more work? It is a narrow alley. I fear the crew gave up; I challenge the city to prove you can repave it anyway. I hopefully anticipate their return.

    I am in full support of a new alley surface on my block (and all others that need it). It really needs it. Apparently, years ago, trash was collected in this ally but the trucks kept hitting the fences or the lamp posts. So instead we must transport our trash around to the street. This shouldn’t be difficult with trash and recycle bins on wheels, but it is. With the current poor condition of the alley’s surface, despite said wheels, bringing trash to the street becomes largely a lifting, heaving, pulling, pushing, and dragging exercise, rather than a rolling one. There are numerous cracks, patches, dirt clods, grass bunches, loose bricks, rat holes, pits, and re-patches. Bravo to the city for making this first effort. I look forward to seeing the crew come back! They are coming back, right?

    And lastly, I applaud the use of the faux-brick asphalt pavers over concrete I’ve seen in Mt. Pleasant alleys–despite what others on this blog have said, they seem to function as intended, must cost less than brick, and look very good.


  • Vonstallin

    Well, im behind the times… Never knew about Faux-Bricks. I need to go n check them out. I dont think the regular bricks will last but so long. Im a fresh concrete fan.

    I googled up Faux Brick: this is what i found.

    Do anyone else have more detail on this? It gives me an Idea for my driveway.

  • Hey PoP, just wanted to let you know there was a little misinformation in what your reader sent you. The original alley work was scheduled for this week. The new start date for the brick alleys has not been determined or announced.

  • DC should really be replacing all alley surfaces with permeable paving (there are some very attractive precast options). We have a decaying stormwater and sewer systen and this would provide immediate relief to the system as well as a host of other benefits such as groundwater recharge, pollutant filtration, improved stream and creek conditions etc. It’s already been implemented in other cities such as Chicago and Portland with proven success.

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