Coolest Pet in PoPville Entry #1 and #2

Oliver Sideways Yawn

Sent by Mr. T in DC – “This is Oliver, the most ferocious kitty in Popville!”


Kalia writes, “This is Charlie, my Corgi. He will be 7 years old on July 23rd!!! He loves to swim and play frisbee and shed all over your clothes! He’s the best little guy out there and of course he thinks he’s a badass πŸ˜‰ Charlie likes long walks on the beach, mentoring orphans, and reading to the blind in his spare time. When he isn’t nurturing sick baby kittens he spends most of his day working for a non profit organization saving the polar bears from global warming. But ladies, watch out, he’s a heartbreaker!

Vote for Charlie!”

Ed. Note: Wow, there has been great turn out already. I’ve received so many entries for this contest that I cannot individually reply to all the emails. But don’t worry your entry will be posted! The deadline for entries is August. 1st. Remember, please only send one photo per pet.

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  • as a housemate of charlies, i can assure ladies that you have nothing to fear…he definitely swings the other way… really, REALLY far the other way!

  • Oliver the tuxedo cat isn’t really very ferocious, he just looks that way when yawning, as he’s doing in the photo. For a larger version:

  • oliver. any dog that wears a lifejacket does not deserve to win anything ever (except maybe a cutest pet in lifejacket contest).

  • anyone anonymous poster who advocates irresponsible pet ownership, including taking a pet out onto water without a life jacket, should not be allowed to cast a vote.

  • A tip of the hat to Charlie – corgis are my wife’s favorite dog breed, so if we didn’t have Oliver, we might well have a corgi or corgi mix in the household…

  • Mr. T, I’m putting Amos in the ring this year, so Oliver better watch out, lest he get his coattails mussed. πŸ˜‰

  • Good god, Oliver looks like a badass.

  • love this !!!!

  • @second anonymous: get a life! it’s a freaking dog. dogs love to swim and until like six months ago nobody ever put a lifejacket on a dog. cast one more for oliver.

  • My cat is gonna bat Mr. T’s cat around like it’s nothing! Sorry Mr. T… but he’s coming, soon, and he’s fierce…

  • Oliver welcomes competition from Amos (who is pretty darn cute) and any other felines in Popville. πŸ™‚
    Here’s another shot of him looking fierce:

  • oliver is so loved by mr T and his family i hope he wins

  • I can’t get over the fact that a poster/blogger going by the handle “Mr. T” takes so many photos of his cat.

  • Yay Charlie!

  • Charlie can swim without his life jacket, his legs are just soooo short! We play frisbee in the water so because he has to swim back with it and his mouth is open, the life jacket just gives him a bit more bouyancy so his mouth is above the water. πŸ™‚

    Also, we have a rotti mix who likes to stand on him whether hes in water or out so this helps prevent her from inadvertantly drowning him!

  • My vote is definitely for Charlie. He is one handsome devil and will play frisbee with me until he pulls a tendon. BAD ASS.

  • Charlie is my hairy nephew…he is the coolest because he can play frisbee for hours! Literally, he will be panting and barely able to walk, but he always brings back whatever you throw for him. He also makes the coolest sound when he is excited..kinda like a growl/yell from deep within πŸ™‚

  • Charlie!

  • Looking at Oliver, I’m reminded of the last time I saw something like that…

    I was responding to a distress call on a storm-wracked asteroid (it ended up being an automated beacon, there was no life that I could find at first) … Then down in the cargo-hold were dozens of what looked like huge, leathery eggs. They were protected by a thin layer of blue mist which reacted when broken. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to take a closer look at one of the eggs.

    I could see through the side that there seemed to be movement inside: organic life! The top of the egg suddenly yawned open, revealing a curious, slumbering “thing” inside. I am a scientist after all; had to take a look inside. Then… it all went black.

    I woke up in the infirmary with a sore throat… Dammit I’m hungry…

  • I vote for Charlie because he’s so damn cute!

  • Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that the cats, dogs, and “other” were in separate categories so we wouldn’t have to vote cat v. dog v. lizard v. vietnamese potbellied pig. I like cats just fine but as a dog owner, I’ll always vote for the dog to win.

    If the pic postings are just to talk smack about each others’ pets, well, I can get aboard on that. The Oliver shot is a great one though.

    “Cats drool, dogs rule”

    PS: I totally forgot to leave a caption along with the photo I sent in. Can I still do that or will my pup be judged on looks alone? Fantastic procrastination tool this is!

  • Corgi FTW!!1!

  • @IntangibleArts: hah, that’s one of the first terrifying movie moments I remember as a kid.

    To all the Corgi fans, here’s a cute one I saw at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival:

  • Charlie is the bomb! He is one determined fella. Once he gets going with the fetching, there’s no stopping him & the gutteral purr he does is crazy! No dog like him! My vote’s for Charlie!

  • OH MY GOD he is soooo cute!!! i LOVE corgis! Would Charlie want to go on a date sometime?? with my dog, that is!! haha

  • Charlie is the little doggie that could! He’s adorable and fun and very cuddly and I love him!!!

  • I’m sensing a whole batch of Charlie’s “friend & family” voters directed here by his owner. πŸ™‚

    Voters should keep in mind that Oliver is a shelter rescue animal, and a DC native. As a kitten, he was apparently born in NE DC, and brought to the Washington Humane Society by someone who “didn’t have time for him.” He’s a strong Obama supporter, too.

  • Both great photos! But I’m going to have to go with Charlie! What an adorable picture. Rock on with your bad self, Charlie.

  • @ Mr T,
    whaaaat?!? Me? Shamelessly promote my dog? pahshaw…I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t even know who these people are, except avid fans of Charlie πŸ˜‰ haha

    And besides, his bio alone is probably what is pulling the votes in like wildfire…look at all the good he does! Not only does he read to the blind now, but he taught himself to read while he was an inner city dog without computers or books at his Catholic school!

    Kudos tho on getting a nod at your cat looking like a face grabber! The stuff of nightmares!

    no but really, Oliver looks like one cool cat! Charlie is happy to be sharing this post with a tuxedo cat, cause it has style!

  • Thanks, Kalia! Oliver is also happy to share with a fine corgi. My wife has two calendars hanging up at home: one featuring tuxedo cats, the other, corgis!

  • meow. one vote for myself!

  • Charlie Bear all the way!

  • Charlie looks like the strong, sensive type… IIIIIIIIIII’m gonna go with my instinct on this one and vote for Charlie, although Oliver looks like a good time.

  • One for Charlie!!! What a winner!

  • I vote for Oliver. And I don’t even like cats. But Oliver rocks.

  • My vote is definitely for Charlie. He’s by far one of the coolest dogs I’ve had the pleasure to live with! And as far as the life jacket goes…Charlie rocks it. And even though he is a dog…I’m sure if he could leave comments he’d at least be enough of a man to not leave anonymous ones. If you have the guts to leave an opinion then have the guts to leave your name.

  • Yukon and Colby!!

  • I love corgis, but have to vote for my boy. Go Oliver!

  • I vote for Juneau — a great cat.

  • My vote is for Oreo! I’ve met him and the picture doesn’t do him or his personality justice! He has his own tuxedo bow tie that he wears sometimes, walks on a leash, knows how to tell time, and has the funniest meows you have ever heard.

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