Coolest Pet in PoPville Entries #11, #12, and #13

quinn puppy close up

“This is our little mutt puppy, Quinn. We think she is parts dachshund, beagle and terrier.”

Oh wow, maybe I should make puppies a separate category?

Ike with Fork

“Meet Ike. Ike has thumbs. Actually Ike has six toes (and claws) per paw. He’s fierce and cuddly. He was adopted from the ASPCA in New York City. Ike had been rescued from a magazine store basement, then adopted, then returned, then adopted again – by me.

Ike lives in Columbia Heights on Irving Street. He likes to play with his cat nip Arnold Schwarzenegger doll and grip things with his thumbs, like forks, iPods, Blackberries and wine glasses.

Ike should win. He’s definitely the coolest pet in all of Washington, DC. Two cat thumbs up.”


“Rusty Russell (Part Yorkie – Part Chihuahua – ALL love)”

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  • OK I am voting for Ike ’cause my cat as six toes on his front paws. Makes his paws look ji-normous!

  • Wow. Ike is pretty damn cool. Coming from a person whose cat was previously in the lead in this contest, that’s high praise. (And yes, I made that “in the lead” determination myself. But I’m right.)

  • Not sure about this and I could be blowing smoke, but aren’t most six toed cats related to the six toed cats of Key West, you know Ernest Hemingway cats, gotta love that blood line

  • ” Ike had been rescued from a magazine store basement, then adopted, then returned, then adopted again – by me.”

    I don’t know–Ike sure is cute, but why was he returned then readopted? What say the owner?

  • Ike for the win!

  • Six toes is cool, but holding silverwear? I find animals staged to look like they are humans (including dressing them up) to be creepy. I think this one should go in the same category as the dog and cat wearing hats from the other day.

  • I think there are 2 winners here today! Quinn the puppy (who — think about it — could have the bragging rights for almost his whole life and the cat, because how is it not cool that he can hold a wine glass, huh?
    Color me impressed.

  • Ike and all his ilk should probably be destroyed as threats to our dominance of the planet.

  • Ike is actually so evolved that he holds things on his own. He also likes to surf the Internet. And he can open kitchen cabinets, go inside, and close the door behind him.

  • Ike is the coolest cat in town. Two thumbs up.

  • Hello! I am Ike’s Mom. Ike was returned once to the ASPCA because his owner started dating some allergic chick. MEN, I tell ya.

    But anyhow – he’s super friendly and loves to sit on you, even your shoulder… which is a pain because he’s about 14 lbs.

    Ike had a blog: You can see more of his photos there.

  • I’m voting Ike. I’m a cat person, I’m pro-thumbs, and prefer green eyes. And come on – HE CAN WIELD DINNER UTENSILS. How cool is that?

  • Oops – use this link for Ike’s other photos:

  • Ohhhhhhh, I’m such a cat person but Quinn’s eyes and cute widdle nose (oh just wanna squeeze that itsy bitsy widdle face … and someone stop me from talking baby talk) have just won me over.

  • HAAA! Ike’s Mom… Ike with the eyelash curler, that’s priceless! Love the blog!

  • i mean, the cat has thumbs! this cat is the Fonz of cats. It can give you the “heyyy!” or tell Potsie to “sit on it” all in a cool leather coat with its collars popped.

    I like Ike!

  • Ike is the greatest polydactyl cat in the greater DC/Metro area.

  • Ike is hands (including the thumbs!) down the coolest cat in PoPville!

  • Ike, FTW – how can you not love a cat with thumbs?

  • Ike is clearly the coolest kitty cat on the block! Can those dogs hold forks?

  • In an era where our politicians’ thumbs are mostly ‘Tweeting’ inconsequential things, Ike the Thumb Cat could show Washington, DC a thing or two. Vote early for Ike, and vote often.

  • My vote is for Ike the Thumb Cat! He’s a friend of mine but has been known to drunk text late at night. Sometimes having thumbs can come back and bite you.

  • I vote for Ike, even though Rusty Russell the yorkie-chihuahua is awfully fetching. Even so, Ike’s thumbs make him the winner. He definitely needs to update his blog more, however.

  • I like my thumbs, so I like Ike. He also looks super soft.

  • Seriously, what’s up with all these cats doing tricks? Poor Juneau (my roommate’s cat) can’t begin to compete with that. Her biggest trick is lying on her back with all four paws in the air so you’re overcome with the temptation to rub her fuzzy white belly. Of course, I think that’s a pretty neat trick.

  • Another vote for Ike.

  • Ike FTW here. I’ve always had a soft spot for freaks.

  • IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE. He deserves both a kitty treat & a military-industrial complex. Ike is a very cattish cat. He is very happy to be lazy some days, and on others he has all the attitude in the world to demand your attention his way. It *may seem to some* that on his blog he simply holds whatever requested, but he is actually very particular. He held some items while I saw him, but over others he exercised very personal judgements of taste and style. Ike is a cat’s cat. Ike FTW.

  • I know Ike personally and he is very friendly. Plus if you are with Ike and need a ride he can stick out his thumb.

  • I’m voting for Thumb Cat if someone can post a picture of him eating a salad with that fork.

  • For once, I cannot choose. I’m in awe of Ike’s dexterity, and struck dumb by the adorableness of Quinn. This one is a tie for me.

    (Sorry, Rusty. Chihuahuas kind of freak me out.)

  • It’s Quinn. No contest.

  • Ike is the greatest and SOOOO cute!

  • Oh my goodness, it has to be Ike. Great blog, Ike’s mom!

  • If anything, Ike should win for all that he puts up with! I’m a cat person and all, but my cats won’t let me anywhere NEAR their paws…especially to put stuff in them. Two cat-thumbs up for Ike.

  • Ike is the best cat – I vote for him!

  • Ike is great. His mother is insane.

  • Ike could be the early missing link for when cats eventually develop opposable thumbs, the wheel, jet aircraft, and, in a fit of evolutionary leap-frog, nuclear fusion and interstellar space travel. Go IKE!

  • Two thumbs up for Ike. Definitely the coolest cat in PoPville!

  • Ike is clearly a superior being. The fact is that the cat has thumbs. You really can’t argue the severity and degree of his awesomeness. He can hold stuff people!!! No other pet on here can do anything even remotely like that. Come on! This isn’t even a contest. IKE IKE IKE!!!

  • Ike and his paws should definitely win! The competitors can’t hold a candle to Ike or anything else for that matter!

  • One more vote for Ike the Thumb Cat!

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