Coming Soon – Aroma Bakery and Market


For those who were excited about the Bakery and Wine Bar coming next to Marvin on 14th Street, NW – here’s some more bakery news for you. Nearby at 1320 U Street, NW Aroma Bakery and Market is coming. Between the two the bakery needs of the U and 14th Street area should be met!

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  • Wow, so a third establishment in DC named ‘Aroma’? How original. No wonder so many small businesses fail in their first year – they can’t even bother to do a little basic research for something so simple as naming the place. Here’s a tip; if your customers cant find your business or phone number because there are already several other places in the same city with the same name you’re already shooting yourself in the foot and potentially losing business. Hopefully they’ll rethink this.

  • A third? Try sixth or seventh. There’s a couple of coffee shops and several restaurants and even a day spa.

  • Oh look, more negative nancies finding something to whine and complain about rather than celebrating good news. Awesome!

  • There’s a reason all of these businesses share the same name. They are all owned by local entrepreneur Richard Aroma.

  • If breads sold in sizes and varieties for the single fellow, I am there for my daily bread.

  • How dare Richard Aroma name a bakery after himself. Doesn’t he know that DC residents will not stand for this kind of brazen creativity?

  • Hopefully it’ll be better than the much-hyped, but often-disappointing Cake Love. Man that place sucks.

  • This is awesome news…and it’s good to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks Cake Love gets way more hype than their dry, crumbly-ass cake deserves. Hopefully the new kids on the block will be better!

  • @fisherdm – I also find Cake Love to be a letdown! Looking forward to having another option nearby.

  • Frankly, I’m excited that there will be options other than stale-licious Cake Love and Love Cafe. Let’s cross our fingers that at least one of these two are quality baking establishments! 😀

  • That looks like it’s in the Rite Aid strip mall building, which might soon be replaced by a hotel. Or is that further down?

  • The sh*tbag that owned the dollar store is behind this aroma BS place too.

  • Yeah…I thought that entire strip was going to be torn down for a hotel. But if the owner of “Aroma” bakery is reading this, may I suggest that you sell some homemade doughnuts. U Street is lacking a good doughnut shop. I would open one if I had the capital but since I don’t, I’d like to place this idea in ears of those who could make it happen.

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