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Hard Training Club will be coming to 1726 Kalorama Road, NW. It looks like it might be a pretty small space for a gym but maybe it’s more about classes than a gym. Anyone familiar with this group? I think we may have mentioned this before in talking about the Washington Sports Club but what is the average monthly price for a gym membership?


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  • The web site doesn’t have any details other than you can join for $45/mo. What you’re paying for is unclear.

    I pay $49 at WSC, when I was at Results it was $90 or so. I’d rather pay more for a place like Results – the WSC is dreadful.

  • $35 per month at Fitness First.

  • I pay $105/mo at Mint ( I know it’s pricey, it’s an *insanely* nice gym.

  • …I pay $69 a month at WSC. Gymz, when did you sign up?

  • I joined a few weeks after the club opened and if I’d waited until it was $70, er $69, I don’t expect I would have joined.

    Wish there were Fitness First up here. Mint is tempting.

  • I’d take WSC, warts and all, over Mint even if the prices were equal — I actually didn’t get wonderful customer service at Mint either (although it is probably marginally better than WSC), and while it is nicer and less crowded, they have far less equipment, no pool, no basketball court, and a nicer shower only goes so far … if I’m paying those kind of prices for a gym, I’d want a whirlpool, squash courts, basketball courts, free training sessions, or at least something extra for the cash …

  • Results is by far the nicest gym in DC. If you pay in full for a year in advance, you can get a $70/month price, which is awesome.

  • I pay $59 at WSC and have zero intention of extending my membership when it’s up. The swimming pool is absolutely disgusting – lots of large “particulates” (which I’ve repeatedly pointed out to those concerned – doesn’t the pool have a working filter?? Seriously, it’s the murkiest water I’ve ever swam in – I might as well be swimming in the Potomac), half the time there’s no lifeguard on deck (isn’t that against the law?) and for some reason, even though it’s hot as balls outside, the pool is maintained at a lovely 85 degrees. Just foul. But it doesn’t stop me from swimming there because otherwise I’d be fighting for a treadmill with the masses of new clients they seem to sign up every week. Or taking horrible yoga classes ran by rank amateurs.

    WSC is a terrible gym.

    Does anyone have any suggestions (besides Marie Reed – which I’ve gone to and it’s lovely for what it is) for a decent pool, not too expensive, for lapswimming?

  • $50/year! Gym at work. Never busy and our old captain got us a lot of new equipment! Good thing I didn’t join an expensive one because I never even go to this one :/

  • I pay $49/year at WSC. It does suffer from some of the problems that people point out, especially overcrowding at peak hours. I wish they’d take over the empty adjoining space and expand to accommodate their oversubscribed membership — who else is ever going to rent tucked-away space on the third floor? But to me it’s still a good deal, especially because it’s so conveniently located. I agree that Marie Reed is a great alternative for swimmers, though the locker rooms could really use some work (standing water on the floor all the time). For those paying higher prices at WSC: ask about plans that restrict you just to the CH location. I know someone who was just told there is a pay-as-you go option (i.e., no contract) for $39/mo, so long as you are ok with going to the CH location only.

  • Sorry, I pay $49 a MONTH at WSC…

  • The Takoma rec center pool is huge and gorgeous. I have been a few times with an organization so I’m not sure what the guidelines are for use but what a pool!

  • $80 per month at Results. And you can use any Results location, which is an extra bonus. I prefer the Dupont location…very unique space!

  • @New2CH The customer service at Mint (in terms of getting a chat with a membership person) definitely is bad. It was bad when I started and I still see people waiting much too long. There are fewer machines than your average warehouse gym, but that’s because there’s a much smaller membership. It’s capped to make sure the place never gets too crowded.

    I’m not sure it’s worth $105, but I feel that the entire atmosphere is nicer than at most gyms. It’s not loud. The locker rooms are extremely well stocked. I don’t know that other gyms provide q-tips, tampons, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, razors, hair dryers, wash cloths, towels, and hair products. I also love the electronic key pads on the locker. No dragging around a padlock. Those are some of the reasons Mint makes me happy 🙂

  • Capitol gym: 19.99. Pays to work for the gov’t.

  • Got a link or any further info on this capitol gym?

  • Are the people from “Tough” are doing adverts for “Hard.”

  • I love Thomas Circle (soon to be Balance Gym) Sports Club in the alley by Green Lantern. $40 bucks per month and I don’t have to sign up for anything in advance. It is not fancy and the locker rooms are a bit divey, but the staff is nice, they have all the equipment, and I can get in and out very quickly.

  • Who’s coming hard again? Haha. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Let me answer some questions that have been raised here. I bought a membership and I am friends with the group of people who are opening the establishment.

    First, you might be interested to know that the gym will be open for business and ready to use next Tuesday, September 1. There will be a grand opening party on Saturday, August 29 4-8pm that is open to members and people who are thinking about joining.

    As for the services and amenities, it’s very spartan. There are a lot of free weights, some weight machines, and other items like a rope climb. Forget cardio machines, although I know they were thinking about putting in one treadmill or bike. There isn’t even a locker room. There are two one-person bathrooms, and one of them has a shower in it. Towel service? Yeah right. There are no trainers who work for the club. If you want to bring a trainer to help you with your workout, the trainer must pay the same monthly membership price that the member pays, and the trainer and client work out their own price.

    Oh and I’m pretty sure it will be a gay establishment, like Results, because the investors and their friends who thy recruited as new members are all gay.

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