Coming and What’s Coming?


It looks like the phone company Cricket is coming full force to DC. Above is a new spot they’ll be coming to at the corner of Georgia Ave. and Gresham. And as we noted a few weeks ago, they’ll also be coming to the corner of 14th and U and 1652 Columbia Road.


“Dear PoP,

It looks like there is some action (paint, lighting) going on inside the empty store front to the left of Ercilia’s on Mt. P St. I can’t remember if that was the former deli spot or what…”

I took a look at the former Mt. Pleasant Deli spot but sadly there were no workmen there to inquire what was going. I’ll keep my eye on the spot though and update as soon as more info becomes available.

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  • At times I feel like we’re witnessing the downfall of American Civilization (at least economically) when all that opens up is a fly-by night cell phone place. I can’t beleive I’m saying this – as normally I’m happy to see any business open up around here, but it seems like we have enough of these places already…

  • I think Cricket will be a nice addition to the usual suspects of wireless carriers. With flat rates and no contracts or credit checks, it adds a needed service for customers with tight incomes and little or no credit.

    I personally do not feel that this represents the downfall of American Civilization.

  • Guys, Cricket’s plan is classic. A business comes in, saturates the market, and when it has a healthy level of subscribers, you’ll see it consolidate to a few storefronts. That is, when the storefront cost more to operate than it brings in (in new subscribers or in keeping current clientele), they may let those store fronts go.

  • At times I feel like we’re witnessing the downfall of American Civilization …

    When a place like Mt. Pleasant Deli – which mainly sold beer, cigarettes, and big, cheap, greasy sandwiches – can’t survive, it’s hard not to panic …

  • I am getting fed up with my lengthy and expensive wireless contracts AT&T, and I would welcome Cricket to DC. I just need to get out from under my current contract.

    Cricket might be the next mini Starbucks…one in every neighborhood in DC.

  • I’m hoping that when Cricket goes out of business something interesting will finally move into that spot at Georgia and Gresham. Like a wine bar! That’d be marvy.

  • hmm, i count 2 likely Cricket PR people in this thread so far.

  • Cricket isn’t fly-by-night. I have watched them put together a network in less than 1.5 years, and DC is infamously small-business unfriendly. I have worked on the electrical engineering designs for obtaining permits. They were stunned after build-outs in Mississippi, southern Texas, Milwaukee, how difficult doing it here is, but they worked hard in an unfriendly environment to get it done. I have no stake in their future success but hope for them to succeed. No, I do not get a free phone and service.

  • to eric – I know I sound like a Cricket PR person, but having worked very closely with them for more than a year as a lowly engineer on contract, I laughed at your comment. They will never find this blog to self-promote – well not for a long time.

  • @eric, nope. I have and will stay with verizon. It works. I’m merely calling it as I see it. It’s a classic “saturate then consolidate” venture. There does rhyming help?

  • I just saw two more signs today, on Barracks Row (8th SE) and at the corner of 5th & Florida NE (at the wholesale market). So far, it looks like they’re doing high quality build-outs, and their web site looks pretty good. I especially like the broadband internet option.

  • I don’t think Cricket’s a bad thing: it offers something different than your usual cell provider.

  • @eric yeah I’m not a cricket PR person either. I just thought it was a little over the top to claim their appearance in the city was equal to the downfall of our civilization.

  • Cricket is the payday loans of wireless service. Since you pre-pay every month how easy do you think it is to challenge fees and roaming charges? Try $0.40 a minute “roaming” charges if you happen to be on the other side of the city (happens all the time in Houston). And just imagine how much fun having your phone locked would be if you were someone without any credit or a bank account. Cricket has been in Houston for years now and they are predatory, low service, bushwhackers that prey on the most vulnerable consumers. Shame on DC’s government for allowing them to come into the city.

    And if that isn’t enough, after going into bankruptcy six years ago, the executives at the parent company have been engaged in Enron/WorldCom-style financial shenanigans:

    Fly-by-night isn’t fair… to people who fly at night.

  • Odentex may be overstating it a bit, but yes, Cricket doesn’t have the best of reputation either here in the U.S. or overseas with regards to its business model. and as Richard pointed out most of these stores will be consolidated a few years down the road once they have established a presence. take a look around there are cricket stores opening EVERYWHERE in this city right now.

  • They’re on a dicey block of Columbia Road, and if they help give a cleaner look to that section, even for just a year or two, it just might be enough to help turn the rest of the block.

    As for the decline of civilization, I think that will be more predictably accompanied by an increase in payday lenders/check-cashing outfits.

  • Cricket is for people who shouldn’t own cellular phones in the first place. I come from a market that has had Cricket for 10+ years and well, yeah – that’s pretty much who uses it. Don’t fall for the ploy.

  • There is one of these stores on the 1300 block of Penn SE.

  • who cares about criket. whats up with the MTP Deli. Hopefully another Deli will move in. only a good one like Taylor or So’s Your Mom. The Deli that left was naaaaaaasty.

  • what’s with all the hate? I think it’s cool that they offer unlimited texting, calling and long distance for $40/mo. If you can avoid extra fees, seems like a steal compared to AT&T charging $99 or whatever for the same thing.

  • I, too anxiously await word for what, if anything is coming to MtP. Agree that a GOOD deli would be a wonderful addition to the strip.

  • they’re in Baltimore too.

  • Again with the Cricket haters….*sigh*. I don’t see how they are any worse a company than any of the big players. Odentex fails to recognize the dozens, if not, hundreds of complaints/cases pending against the other major carriers for various failures. To say anyone out there shouldn’t have access to a cell phone, however small the plan, is an ignorant statement to those that are phoneless/homeless/whatever combination thereof. Reminds me of the outrage of when the First Lady went to the homeless shelter to help out, and the media criticized her because someone at the shelter, presumably low-income or homeless, had a cell phone in a picture. These phone companies are designed for such folk, and yes, there may be drawbacks, but at least they can get a phone for prospective employers or concerned family members to get a hold of them. I mean really, it’s no less predatory than the ridiculous $30 data plan I am required to buy for my smartphone. If you want better stores, move to a better area of town.

  • Solong: Everyone agrees that it’s good for people who don’t have credit and bank accounts to have options for communications, I’m just telling you that this particular company has a bad reputation for screwing people back in Texas. It’s not that their plan sucks on it’s face, it’s that they tack on all kinds of fees and charges that eat through that $30 or $40 pretty fast and leave people with no phone and no leverage to argue with them since it’s all pre-paid. Because of fees many people end up paying the same amount for monthly service as they would AT&T except, since they’re stuck with Cricket, they have to pay it all up front. That’s all I’m saying. The concept may be good, but this company has problems.

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