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Something called Kabaji Grill appears to be building out a space on the 1300 block of Connecticut Ave south of Dupont Circle. Anyone know anything about this restaurant? Is it a chain?


And a few storefronts north on Connecticut we see that wireless services are expanding in all parts of DC. I believe this spot used to house a really nice stationary store. It’s getting harder and harder to find good spots for birthday cards…

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  • The stationary store, The Written Word is now over on P Street across from the Whole Foods (which also has cards).

  • It actually says “Kababji.” So I’m guessing… kababs.

  • Here’s another site for the guy who posted this.

  • Website looks pretty solid; and since they’re thus far only franchised in the middle east, I dare say this should be pretty authentic kebab-acity

  • The website is in fact very disturbing. Go to menu/raw meat and check out the Tebleh.
    Or the habra…..

  • For silly cards and fun gifts hit up Chocolate Moose.

  • The best birthday cards ever (or anytime cards since they’re blank) I bought at the Mid-city artists open studio tour from Betsy Karasik. I think they were less than 2 bucks and just gorgeous. Her website is but it doesn’t seem to have a catagory for the cards. But the studio tour is twice a year and always fun – go and just stock up.

  • saf

    Wake Up Little Susie in Cleveland Park has a good assortment of cards. Pulp on 14th St also has a fabulous assortment of cards.

    Anyone else remember Noteworthy, that used to be in Adams Morgan? They were a cool paper store.

  • I lived in Beirut for three years and ate at these places often. I’m pretty damn excited that this place is opening. It is delicious.

  • Yes. Kabab-ji is a chain. I worked in Saudi Arabia for a year and ate at their location in Riyadh. It is really really good. I think this is a Lebanese or Lebanese-American chain. I am SO glad it is here.

  • Looks like DC will be the first one in the USA, from their site. Seems pretty authentic to me.

  • I saw the sign yesterday. They are opening for business on November 30, 2009. It is the same company from Lebanon.

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