Carjacking and Arrests Made Friday at 2pm in Park View

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Thanks to a reader for sending and props to MPD for making the arrests. This could’ve turned into a disaster. Very scary stuff:

“high speed car chase happened around 2pm. it ended a block west of warder and park (the alley by the apartments). 4 suspects were caught (that were in the stolen vehicle). but they cannot find the weapon. the SUV was stolen at gunpoint. the car was smoking when the police caught them. idiots drove into a back street/alley, popped the end of the parking lot and started driving on the sidewalks of the complex. they bottomed out the car when the popped the concrete end of the lot and drove down the hill- which prob started the smoke. there is a possible accomplice that got away.”

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  • Damn. I can’t wait till they get rid of that subsidized housing and build the new park morton.

  • Many people that live in Park Morton are good people and many people that don’t live there aren’t. The problem is more complex than that.

    However, these people sound like idiots. Glad they were caught.

  • Cut their hands off. Why do you think crime rates are so low in the Middle East?

  • I am offended by CH Resident comments regarding the car jackers, don’t cut their hands off, this is too easy. Cut their dicks off. That is the only thing that will slow the tugs down in DC. These people will continue to be jack in the box 🙂 if their hands are removed.

  • Does anyone know why there was a police helicopter on Thursday night shining a light around south Petworth for a good 45 minutes? It was around 10:30 PM.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Morgan I believe it was related to a stolen car found at the 400 block of Shepherd.

  • I subscribe to the Police Alert email service, and of course there was nothing at all about this. It drives me nuts that the Police Alert service serves up such random information. I heard the gunshots and saw the police coptor, but got nada from the DC Police via the alert service. This happens all the time — I can hear stuff going down in the neighborhood and never see anything on the alerts about it.

  • the MPD-3D listserv had this from Diane Grooms:

    All…we have received several inquiries about the helicopter and police cars from mpd as well as pg county in your areas…

    I am happy to report that a vehicle that has been used this past week in 4d 5d and pg county for multiple carjackings and robberies was first observed in barry farms today and patrol officers attempted to stop it which led to a pursuit in 7d out to pg county back into the city into ward 4 and ended in 3d(park morton..georgia ave) with 4 apprehensions and not one report of any damage to property or injury to any citizen or officer….it was due to great police work and our air support unit….we now have our investigative units working hard to close out these cases to present to court…job well done

  • PoP and Anonymous — thanks for the info.

  • No Shawn, your comment is imbecilic. I truly cannot imagine you thought that was worth posting. Shutting down Section 8 housing would reduce crime to imperceptible levels. Look at the Cleveland Park murders. What? There aren’t any? My point exactly. The problem is that people who are not educated make everything seem “complicated” but I’ve spent the last three years tracking criminals in my neighborhood and I found:

    1. They lived in Section 8 housing In CH and drove to our area to commit crimes because they thought we were rich. Many of these people were age 13-17. They just targeted the white people according to what MPD said (and statistics)
    2. Even more telling, they were the relatives, ex-boyfriends and visitors of residents of Section 8 housing. This is what really kills me- when people from Northeast and Southeast were arrested they were here to visit a friend in CH Section 8 housing- according to MPD.
    3. They were Latin and lived in a group house or apartment where they were in addiction spirals and fought/assaulted/mugged their roommates or rival gang members.
    4. They were middle class African-American kids living with grandma with no rules and a love of gangster culture.
    5. They were strung out junkies who were indeterminant.

    Remove the Section 8 housing and you eliminate the two biggest offenders right there. With Section 8 housing gone then comes better gentrification to affect the Latin flophouses. Then all you have to worry about is the black kid who worships Fitty and the random junkie. Even in those cases, without the section 8 junkies, the other junkies may just go away.

  • Wow. You’ve got a lot of hostility there, friend. Might want to cut down on the self-righteousness. And move to the ‘burbs.

  • Looks like the Park Morton festivities continued last night. A guy was shot in the head and killed just after midnight in the little circle out front.

  • how horrible! please link to that when possible.

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