Capital Fringe Festival Starts


Walking down the 600 block of L Street, NW I noticed some interesting paintings and then I saw an artist (Erin photographed above). It turns out I was behind 607 New York Ave, NW which is the home of the Captial Fringe Festival.


It turns out the entrance to many of the plays are through the L Street entrance. Erin was painting the names of the venues. Ah, it makes so much sense now. I was super confused for a while. Sadly, I’ve never been to a Fringe Festival before. Has anyone been to one? What’s the scoop?

You can get tickets here. You can find the list of shows here.

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  • I miss Restaurant AV. 🙁

  • saf

    Me too Monkey. The white pizza! Also, spaghetti with chicken livers.

  • I have been the last two years. Some of the shows are hit or miss but I still had a blast. I suggest getting the pass. Shows run 20 bucks each which adds up quick. Performance art+ heat+ humdity+ beer+ nudity+ raucous behavior = fun.

  • I miss AV too.

  • i love nudity and beer.

  • Fried zucchini? Garlic bread? Cannoli? I like my theatre but I liked AV better. I liked going to AV with my theatre buddies the best.

  • I’d hit it.

  • Tony Scalia-spotting at AV was one of my favorite old DC past times. Wonder where that crotchety bastard (said lovingly) is eating these days?

  • @Nichole – Apparently, the Justices are eating at Momiji nowdays.

  • Nix that. They’re eating at Full Kee.

  • Supreme Court Justices – they’re just like me!

    When I was in first grade, I wanted to be the first female Justice by day, and a cocktail waitress by night. Then SDO’C beat me to my preferred day job. By the third grade, I realized that I was better at being judgmental than judicious, and any remaining hopes of a seat on the bench were dashed.

    But hey – I eat at Full Kee too! And I like cocktails! That’s almost like realizing the dreams of 5 year old me!

  • Fringe is super fun – shows are everything from drama to caberet with everything in between. (And only $15.00 a ticket, not $20.00 even less if you buy a pass. Do check out the website.

    And this year all the venues are located right around the headquarters and all are AIR CONDITIONED! Plus there is will be a party tent with bar and food going on every night so you can hang out with your friends right there after the shows.

    Tonight is actually the opening night party in the tent at 607 NY ave. – 2 min. walk from Mt. Vernon Square/convention center station.

  • Thanks, PoP, for the exposure! (and for introducing yourself before taking creepy photos from behind.) Excited to see the pic of my work & the props for Fringe, and everyone CHECK OUT CAPITAL FRINGE! The Baldacchino Gypsy Tent at 607 NY Ave is a blast, with tons of great music this year and a very cool, chill bar all evening.

    And btw . . . if you’d seen the amount of grease CFF had to clean off the walls of that place before moving in, you’d never-miss-AV-again.

    Cheers! Thanks again!

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