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Normally I like graffiti like this. But I’m gonna call this a tragedy. This mural used to be one of the coolest in DC. It’s located across the parking lot, on 11th Street, from the one we looked at called Endless Bummer. Truly a sad day.  Before the mural was cut in half it should’ve been granted historic landmark status or something like that.


Original photo by flickr user CarrieA

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  • That’s just plain crappy. I realize the building exterior needed repair due to its crumbling bricks, but with all the fine murals we are seeing, it would have been a simple matter to document then replicate what was there before. And seeing the dumb puffy lettering, like that is an acceptable replacement – pretty bad.

  • What did it look like before?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Here’s what it used to look like –

  • The mural was lost to building restoration — so, are you protesting that graffiti writers painted on the blank wall? A small portion of the bottom was covered.. kinda boneheaded, but it didn’t detroy the mural. He only covered the area below the skyline, so no shading out outlines were lost, just the black fill in space and the letter “B.” This mural could be restored in a heartbeat. The real gripe to be having is with Bohemian Caverns. Why haven’t they had the mural restored, or taken little steps to do that before it was removed. They’ve got the loot, and it’d be easy and cheap.

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