Beware of Kids on Seesaws?

DSCN1386, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.


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  • See-saws are politically incorrect. They discriminate against fat kids.

  • @ Anon 1:03 WTF are you talking about? Go to bed already

  • Lol.. sort of my thinking as well – the average fatso kid can sling a slim kid of a hipster to the street – easy!

  • Round asses to the left, pointy asses to the right.

  • It’s a sign saying there’s a playground there.

    (I’m tired today and don’t have much imagination.)

  • In high school, we had a weekend hobby of stealing road signs to decorate our bands practice space in my friends attic. After collecting some pretty good ones, our hobby came to an abrupt end when we were arrested – but it was fun while it lasted. Needless to say, this one would have vanished mysteriously.

  • Fat kids are the scourge of humanity.

    Their parents provide the rhythm of this chubby parade.
    The hamburger and its fried accoutrements should be the national mascot.

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