Best Spot for a Morning Cup of Coffee?

DSCN0961, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Any of them would work actually. Anyone recognize this building?

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  • Is it The Envoy on 16th?

  • A wonderful restoration was done on those balconies of this large apartment building on the West side of 16th Street near Mount Pleasant.

  • It’s the condo building at 16th and Newton. Great place for a cup of coffee unless your balcony faces 16th Street — a bit noisy.

  • Yep – 16th and Newton. A beautiful building and my second favorite building in Mt P….after my own (16th and Irving).

  • That’s my spot for a cup of coffee. The upper balcony in the picture and next to it is my apartment!

  • It looks like Northbrook Court at 3420-3426 16th Street NW.

  • Are these condos? – I LOVE this building and want to live there…do they have rental units? Seriously…love it. Reminds me of a friend’s apartment in Brussels (but this is much larger-scale).

  • They are condos, my roommate is the owner. They really are beautiful, but the building could use some work I think.

    They are the Northbrook buildings.

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