Wayan Ponders The Storm

Massive Thunderstom Coming to DC, originally uploaded by Wayan Vota.

The summer thunderstorms have arrived with a vengeance! Check out yesterday afternoon’s massive clouds rolling across the hood, moments before it unleashed its torrents.

While I love this visceral display of Nature’s power, I’m not always enjoying the results. The rain is great, but too much, too fast, like yesterday mornings deluge, has flattened my garden. My toppled cucumbers and tomatoes are minor compared to the impact on others – I saw branches down, and I am sure we lost a tree.

Still, I hope we can all see the beautiful life through the rain. Personally, I love summer thunderstorms, a reminder of the energy still beyond man’s grasp and a natural air conditioner that cools the whole city in one burst.

Anyone else have any trouble due to the storm?

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  • The lovely herbs that I had sitting out in pots on my patio were flooded with water, and the plants falling over in the muddy soil. 🙁 So now they’re sitting on my bedroom floor, trying to get what light they can from the window.

    They’re starting to look sickly from the lack of sunlight. I want to put them back out, but I know as soon as I do, it’s going to pour again.

  • the drains in the back of my place can’t handle the volume of rain resulting in water flowing into my basement under the door. any suggestions on how to fix this? is there a special door i can buy? help!

  • What is the building in the distance slighly off center to the right? It looks like a flying saucer.

  • Yesterdays morning storm snapped and toppled my tomato plans. I propped them back up only to have the evening storm do it again. And they were starting to bear fruit! Damn.

  • That “flying saucer-like” building is the Methodist church on Grant Circle. It was originally a synagogue.

  • I see no beautiful life in this stretch of torrential downpours…only the awful chore of drying out my flooded basement after each episode. F*@# the rain.

  • I had trouble with the storm… but only because of the panic attacks I get when there are thunderstorms. Guess I’m afraid of getting struck by lightning AGAIN… 🙂

  • JF — care to share more? I’m fascinated by stories of lightning strike survivors.

  • I staked my plants up just before this storm hit, but I still had to cut off a few branches this morning. Thankfully them toms are growing like crazy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcmetroblogger/3612178740/

  • I am grateful that the storm sewer that caused my house to flood during EVERY spring storm last year is now clear.

    Anon: I had similar drain problems but it turned out to be the city’s sewer line clogged, not a capacity issue with my drain. (of course, the line didn’t become unclogged until the most powerful thunderstorm ever blew out the blockage and, in the process, sent a bunch of gross stuff into my house, but that’s another story.)


  • wow. Ingmar took the krazy pills today.

  • ugh. contractors just left. Since our windows weren’t installed properly back whenever the house was flipped (probably 2002) water had been steadily leaking into the walls. when they made a small cut in the drywall just to see the entire inside of the wall was rotted.

    Here’s praying insurance will cover it. since it’s techinically not flood damage but rather water damage b/c of sh!tty window installation they should.

  • im out in the burbs now so i had no power yesterday morning. loved getting dressed by lantern light.

  • I didn’t have problem with this weeks storms. Last week’s was a different issue – water in the basement. Interestingly last weeks seemed worse to me.

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